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West Virginia

Land Between the Lakes and Matewan West Virginia (The Stolen Pig Rally)

After we left the Buffalo River National Rec area we headed for Land Between the Lakes. We have been wanting to stop and check out this area between Kentucky and Tennessee for quite some time, however weather and general travel timing have precluded it. This time we made it work! LeeAnn and Jeff, friends from Lajitas are work campers there so we also thought it would be fun to pay them a visit.

We stayed at Piney Campground and Jeff and LeeAnn were very accommodating. We had a pretty nice site with water views close to the facilities. They even loaned us their golf cart to get around in! This came in very handy since we didn’t take the camper off the truck and it rained almost every day… It was good dry transportation around the park.

With the challenging weather we laid fairly low. We took one good motorcycle ride along the Trace and one hike around the park. We spent each evening with Jeff and LeeAnn having dinner and fires when it was dry enough. LeeAnn is not a picture fan so no photos to commemorate the events… It was a nice visit!

While working our way north and east we decided to pay a visit to the first park we stayed at on our very first trip in 2008-2009. The trip that launched a lifestyle… (Corny but true…). Cumberland Lake State Park in Kentucky… We even got the same campsite.




We had fun reminiscing… Found some old friends in the trees…mom, Scott… Anything to say? We also hiked the loop trail and recreated some photos… Short stop but a good one! See the pictures from 7 years ago here.








Next stop was Matewan West Virgina and the Stollen Pig Dual Sport Rally. The area is home to the Hatfield and MacCoy clans and the subsequent history. The rally was put on by a descendant of the MacCoys and his wife who was a Hatfield. Our friend Pete joined us for a visit and the guys were happier than pigs in shit (pun intended) to ride the Hatfield MacCoy trails. We stayed in a public parking lot that is set up with electric for RV tourism… Not the best but better than some.




We met some nice guys and the boys had lots of fun riding in the dirt (and mud… Of course we had some rain…). I wasn’t left behind all the time and enjoyed several road rides with the guys. Some of the best road riding I have seen… The rolling hills and small towns tucked in the valleys were quite a site to see. The whole experience was quite interesting…





From the rally we set off with Pete to Ohio looking for some more riding and maybe a brewery or two. Go figure… More rain… We did find Jackie O’s Brewery and enjoyed an afternoon of sampling. Nice end to the evening with a campfire and grilled meat! The next day we said goodbye to Pete and headed down the road.

Next stop… Washington DC