Home… Family and Friends

We arrived home… Interesting term for us these days since we no longer actually own a home or have a permanent residence in the Rochester area. We will continue to call it home until we find another place where we want to hang our hats… Right now our friends and family make it home for us.

It was a busy three weeks.

We set up our home base at Brenda and Dennis’s while spending some nights with mom and dad in the basement (a story unto itself…).



We spent my birthday with friends at Brennis Farm…

Celebrated Mother’s Day at Anne and Stephens with the Strobridges and mom and dad… Nice to see everyone especially Sami and Adam!

We had a casino date with mom and dad at the new Del Lago Casino…







We hit Stoneyard Brewing with some old friends…

We helped celebrate Mikes 50th (Chris’s brother). He came in with Carri and Chase to celebrate at home with old friends and family. It was nice seeing some of his old friends and some of our extended family.







We had several picnics at the farm. Yummy Lucky! (beef reference) Good food, cold drinks, good friends, and a bonfire for good measure.





Of course there was Belgian Night at the Boudreaus….







There was girls day with Vicky and Brenda… A visit with Judy (Brenda’s mom), some retail therapy, a few wineries, and Del Lago for dinner and some gambling.

I am sure there was more… Oh yeah I went to the dentist😜

After leaving “home” we made a few stops to visit other friends.





We spent two nights with Mark and Sally in Boonville. Fun day out jeeping… Then a fun night out watching a singing duo… Ok and a lot of participating…




From there it was a visit with Nat and Ted. Again a two night stay. Donna and Jeff joined us for dinner Friday night! The next day they gave us a tour of their new property and we hit a few breweries on the way home. Before we left we checked out Cohoes Falls and stopped in at the studio for a last time…

We mad a quick stop in Hinsdale NH and did nothing for 2 days at this point… We were pooped and peopled out!




Feeling rejuvenated we were off to the Mazzallas for a visit and to celebrate AJ’s graduation.









Always love our visits at Club Mazzella. Too much food, lots of noise, and laughs!

We left New Hampshire on Monday June 12th. Canada here we come!

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