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Deep inside Fairyland

Deep inside Fairyland

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  1. lindsay says:

    so i think i really like chris’s hair long. And i see why that hike is called fairyland it looks almost fake. Prom was yesterday and i got to watch everyone from my windo because every one pretty much came to my street to take pre-prom photos. i was a little sad that i couldn’t go but thats ok because i will go next year and you can help me get a dress YAY!

    love you guys talk to you soon

    • admin says:

      Hi Lindsay,

      I like his hair long too. He does need a little trim but I thhink he is going to keep it this way. Sorry you were a little bummed about Prom… Next year we will get you a KILLER dress and you will have a blast!!! Fairyland was pretty cool. Isn’t it wierd how some of the pictures make it look fake? Even being there it seemed a little fake soometimes.

      Love you. Say hi to your mom and Josh

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