Chillin’ in Pahrump, Nevada

We left Death Valley on Friday and started heading east.  Time to start working our way toward the Grand Canyon and the many parks of interest in Utah.  Our digs in Pahrump are a far cry from the dusty, gravel parking lot we stayed in while at Death Valley.  For only a few dollars more we are staying at an “RV Resort”.  This place has everything… A full gym, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, 3 tiered pool with waterfalls, a bowling alley, restaurant, laundry facilities, and  sites with full hookups.  Some sites even have built in grills and gazebos.  We enjoyed the facilities for a few days while doing some errands, taking care of some vehicle maintenance, and visiting a few local spots (like Vegas).  We had a good time, but are looking forward to moving on to the next more rugged adventure. Tomorrow we head out for northern Arizona. We plan on hitting Sedona, Grand Canyon, and the Petrified Forest over the next few days.

One of the things we did with the downtime is put our trip into Google Maps. Below is an interactive map of what we have done and what/when we plan to do.

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  1. lindsay says:

    that pool looks awesome you should get one just like that when you get home!!!! what exactly is Sedona? we have i horse at the barn named that. he is cute but kinda crazy so maybe that what it is like in sedona…just a gess. i dont know if you have been to the grand canyon in the past but i just wanted to tell you it is one of the prettyist things i have ever seen. we got lots of nice pics out of that trip including one of my dad pretending to through me off in to the canyon. he thought it was a really great and funny idea but i didn’t! i thought i was going to die! but obveisly i didn’t. oh and this is a litttle randome but GUESS WHAT! THE NEW HARRY POTTER COMES OUT IN JULY!

    love you guys <3

    • admin says:

      Hey Lindsay,

      I’d love to put in a pool like that. You better start buying lottery tickets! Sedona is a town in Arizona. It is supposed to be very pretty. Not sure about the crazy part but we will fill you in. I’m looking forward to seeing the Grand Canyon again, I was very young the last time. I hope Chris doesn’t get any ideas from your dad. Wish me luck:) I hadn’t heard about Potter, thanks for the info. Too bad we won’t get to see this one together… Unless you wait til’ I get back. Psyched to see you and Josh in June. Washington will be fun.

      Love you!

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