Welcome to our blog detailing the best year of our lives. We had an opportunity to take a year off from adult responsibilities and travel with our 2 adventure motorcycles and 2 kayaks in our toyhauler fifth wheel. Unlike most sane people, we went from tent camping out of a Toyota Corrola to towing a 35 ft fifth wheel with a one ton dually. This post was added well after the end of the trip, but all others were written near real time. Because the blog is a few years old now, you will notice some format issues. Text that once aligned with pictures is a bit off and some of the panorama pics are no longer properly sized. But hey…you get what you pay for 🙂

If you are viewing this through the links on our current blog, unlike most blogs, you will be reading forward in time. The link at the bottom of the page says ‘older entries’ but it will move you forward.

Below is a Google map of our trip. You can click on the place-marks to get some more detail.  To view in a full size window, click the ‘View Larger Map’ link in the bottom left.

View Larger Map

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