Grand Canyon, South Rim

We arrived in Williams Arizona, the “gateway to the Grand Canyon”, on Tuesday night (about an hour from the Canyon). We were psyched to head to the Canyon the next day, as Chris had never been there and Kim hadn’t seen it since she was 7. We had a blast walking around the rim. Ok, not the whole rim… It is 213 miles long. We managed to cover about 8 miles and relished in the assistance of the great shuttle system back to our car.


It was a challenge to capture the magnitude of what we were seeing.  We both tried our hand at getting “the shot”.  Kim even risked life and limb when she went out on a point that was literally hanging over the edge (no nets).  We met several nice people along the way and shared travel stories. Tomorrow, we plan on checking out Sedona and the Oak Rock Canyon.

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  1. stephanie komarek says:

    Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge I’m tryin’ not to loose my head Ha Ha Ha

    • admin says:

      Hey Steph,

      I was singing that while we were walking around that day. Well… We did it. I can now cross off hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon from the bucket list!!! It was AWESOME!!!!!

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