Last Day in Fall Creek Falls

We have been fighting with the weather for several days.  Making the most of cloudy and 50, we have taken several hikes in the area.  There are many really interesting and picturesque spots.  We found more waterfalls and views today, however we are staring to feel like mushrooms.  The  decision is made and we are going to get out of dodge tomorrow.  Time to head for warmer weather and different views.

Cane Creek Falls

Cane Creek Falls


The beginning of our walk took us around the back of the nauture center we visited yesterday.  Along the way we found Cane Creek Falls.  It’s hard to tell the size of this waterfall from the picture but it was pretty impressive from above.  We were actually up pretty high lookng down on it.  Due to bad hair, we couldn’t include a person to help with the scale:)


Falls Creek Gorge

Falls Creek Gorge

This was an awesome view of Fall Creek Gorge.  We found a great little spot to do some rock climbing and take this shot.
A suprise gift
A suprise gift
When we returned to camp after our day of hiking we started our first fire at this location (due to the inclement weather).  While sitting and chatting about our day, I noticed something under the front of the camper.  Chris went to check it out and to our SURPRISE it was a gift left by our friend Alabama Dave who we had met the other day.  How sweet… He left a bottle of wine with well wishes for our trip.  THANKS DAVE!!!Hope to hear from you again.  You put big smiles on our faces.  It is so nice to know there are such great people in the world.

5 Responses to “Last Day in Fall Creek Falls”

  1. The Nichols says:

    Alabama Dave sounds cool what kind of wine was it?

  2. admin says:

    Hey Sue,

    It was Rosemont Shiraz, not bad for as he put it “pedestrian taste”. I am sure it will go nicely with a big steak on the grill one night:)

  3. Natalie Boburka says:

    I knew you’d make friends but didn’t know you’d make such a good impression that they’d leave gifts! That’s awesome! Was Dave from around the area originally?

  4. sue nichols says:

    Is it ok if I use some of your pictures as my background on my office computer desk top? They are just so awsome. I will be very interested in your impressions of the Katrina relief efforts. I have several friends and family members that have participated in building homes with Habitat for Humanity in the surrounding New Orleans communities. I have heard different views on how Slidell was hit and the condition it is in now. I am wondering how lg. is Slidell and does it make a difference what areas you are in as to what you are going to see? The Rosemont Shiraz was a safe pick for Alabama Dave. This is bad for me to think about now I will be craving steak from now until I have one. Hope the weather is better and you are discovering new and cool things.

  5. admin says:

    Hey Sue,

    Of course you can use our pictures. We have been in Slidell since Saturday and today took a ride down the coast into Mississippi. There seems to be pretty far reaching damage. Our friends had to pretty much rebuild everything on the inside and many of the trees in their area were downed. I do think it can be spotty as far as how bad each area was hit but there are still LOTS of people living in campers in others yards and tons of foundations that have yet to be built on in several areas. Slidell seems to be a suburban area and has pretty much been coming back. It is interesting… I hope you get a nice steak in the near future- I remember how your cravings can be:)


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