Navajo Lake State Park, New Mexico

Should have brought the snowmobiles...

Should have brought the snowmobiles...

We’ve been fighting the cold and windy weather for the past week or so. Every place within striking distance seems to be a weather challenge in some way.  We decided to head to Navajo Lake State Park for a few days, in hopes that we would at least find an interesting place to hang while waiting out the cold.  Even there, one morning we woke up to snow. We heard it was 60 that day at home, not that we are complaining.
View of the lake from our campsite

View of the lake from our campsite

Although quite remote, we got a very cool campsite with views of the lake, a grill, fire pit, pergola, etc… We even had great cell and internet service, go figure…We took the time to do a lot of research and make plans/reservations for our future visitors. We also took some time to work on plans for our Alaska adventure. Chris even got out for a quick ride on his motorcycle for only the second time since Death Valley.

Aztec Ruins National Monument

Aztec Ruins National Monument

Needing to get out of “Dodge” for a while, we took a day trip to see the Aztec Ruins National Monument.  It was worth the drive, which we made interesting by taking the “off the beaten path” route around the lake to get there. The ruins were quite impressive and the history of the Pueblo’s was interesting.  Plans to watch the ‘Final Four’  that evening didn’t work out so well.  Chris had hopes of watching at the local microbrewery (an hour and twenty minutes from our campsite), however there weren’t any TVs…  We continued our search to no avail.  Even with assistance from Gerty (our GPS), we couldn’t find a decent place for Chris to watch the games.  He resorted to listening to the first game on Sirius Radio while we drove home and watching the second game on the internet from the camper (isn’t technology grand).

Off to Mesa Verde, which Kim has fond memories of from childhood.

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  1. Hey, sorry about the cold weather (and probably the wind). We had better ordered for you but it apparently didn’t get there.

    Margaret and I are glad you enjoyed the Aztec Ruins while you were poking around out ‘back yard’. Mesa Verde will be a real experience in Indian culture.

    Were you at the Sims Mesa campground at Navajo Lake? I could not decide looking at your picture.
    PS: We are at Tularosa in south central NM tonight.

    • admin says:

      Hi Blaine and Margaret,

      Sounds like you are on the move. We appreciate you putting in a good word, but looking at the national weather forcast the cold and wind seems to be far reaching… It’s ok, we still manage to find things to do. Kim is really looking forward to Mesa Verde as she was there with her dad when she was a kid and loved it. Yes, we were in Sims Mesa, what a nice place. We were hoping to get our kayaks out but it’s hard to boat in the snow:) We also were going to try and hit Canyon de Chile per your recomendation but that area is just hard to get to, and again the weather report was not cooperating. We were thinking about you guys while we were there, as we were very close to your home. Wishing you safe and fun filled travels home.

      Best Wishes,
      Kim and Chris

  2. David Moffitt says:

    Hi y’all,
    Hard to believe over 3 months have passed since you invited me for breakfast at the Stillwell’s. I’ve been enjoying following your travels ever since– picked up some good ideas for travel destinations.
    I went back to Big Bend in February for the annual Pioneer Reunion, which is always enjoyable and informative. The Stillwell RV Park was packed, as they were having their annual trail ride at the same time. While at Big Bend I hiked for my first time the South Rim (14 miles round trip) in one day– not too bad for a 60-year old. The views were even more amazing than from Lost Mine trail.
    I’m still trying to get out to the Guadalupe Mountains, but as has been the case with you, the wind is keeping me away. I may have to put that one off till the fall, when the colors are changing.
    Seeing the photos of Aztec Ruins reminded me of my trip to the Four Corners in 2007. If you run out of places to go, you may want to check out Chaco Canyon, which isn’t too far from where you are now.
    Happy trails!

    • admin says:

      Hi Dave,

      Wow… the South Rim, we were afraid, good for you!! Really, better than Lost Mine? We will have to tackle that one the next time we pass through Big Bend. It may be a few years, but we will definitely make a point to visit there again. It really is crazy how fast the time goes. We can’t believe that we are actually almost halfway through our journey. Glad we are giving you some ideas. It sounds like you are continuing to enjoy your mini vacations in your Silver Bullet. Glad you are still following our travels… you never know I may have to cook you another breakfast one day.

      PS- We are having pancakes and sausage in your honor this morning:)

      Best Wishes and happy trails to you!
      Kim and Chris

  3. The Mommie Unit says:

    One day I will learn to proof read my blogs!

    Hi I’m Back! The plane ride was exciting to say the least. The winds were so crazy wild that the landing of the big elephant 747 in Dullas airport was a bit scarey. We got caught in some wind shear just at touch down and the the plane did a little dance whipping from side to side and the wing tipped a bit but the pilot straightened the plane out. Something good came out of this little scare. You how everyone say’s your life passes in front of you when you are going to die? For years it’s been bugging me where I lost/left my favorite headband. Well while my life was wizing by I remembered I left it in Florida in 1975 at the health food reastaurant in Key West. Ya think it might still be there? Kim, remember those days when your Mom was a hippie? Now you and Chris are Hippy-Yups (yup being short for Yuppy). I knew one day the call of the wild would enter your lives. It’s in the blood genetic inprinting.

    It’s pretty cold and rainy here today I sure do miss the sun and warmth of Southern California but it’s wonderful to see my honey Chris and the kitties Zoey & Neko.

    Miss both of you a whole bunch!

    Love & Hugs

    Mom. 80)

    • admin says:

      Hi Mom,

      Glad you made it back safe. Sounds like it was a hell of a ride at the end. At least something good came out of it. You and Chris will have to vacation down in the Keys and look for that headband:)

      Love and miss you too!

  4. The Nichols says:

    Chris, going to have a poker game at my place Friday night. I’ve got a feeling probably not going to be able to make it, but I wanted to extend the invitation just the same. We’ll be thinking about you as the cards fly.

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