Mesa Verde, Colorado

We arrived in Colorado on Sunday afternoon and found an RV park just outside of the Mesa Verde National Park entrance. Chris got a kick out of the campground mascot, which was human sized and looked like some sort of ceremonial bird.  Our first night we found a restaurant/brewery just a few miles down the road in Cortez. The beer wasn’t the best but we had a good dinner and enjoyed talking with the owners.

Monday we visited Mesa Verde and had a full day.  We managed to take in all of the possible sights open this time of year. We took the tour of Cliff Palace, the largest of the cliff dwellings, at the end of the day. We filled the rest of our day with a self guided tour of Spruce Tree House, a stop at Far View, a hike on the Petroglyph trail, a hike to Soda Canyon to see Balcony House from afar, both scenic loops with stops at all the points of interest, and a quick visit to the museum.  The cliff dwellings are as impressive as Kim remembers them from her childhood.

Tuesday we set out on the motorcycles together, for the first time in a while. It was a beautiful sunny day and the temperature was reasonable.  Our goal was to get to Telluride, a popular ski resort town in the mountains.  The ride was beautiful with the winding route taking us through the San Juan National Forest and other impressive mountain passes.  The closer we got to Telluride, the colder and snowier it became.  We rode to elevations of over 10,000 feet and there was still tons of snow. People were actually snowmobiling. We braved the cold for as long as we could enjoying the road, as well as the views.  We got to within ten miles of our destination, but due to time and weather conditions we decided it would be prudent to head back, there’s always next time.

Our stay in the Mesa Verde area ended on a high note sharing travel stories and dinner with our campground neighbors; Jan, George and their daughter Natalie. 



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  1. Jim and Cheryl says:

    The San Juan highway has some fantastic views – I remember wanting to cover my eyes at some locations – can’t imagine cycling through but you guys are way more adventuresome that we are!! It’s great to keep up with you and don’t forget that you must travel through Minnesota on your way home!!! Have a great time.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jim and Cheryl,

      Good to hear from you. We hope the winter is winding down and you are enjoying some warmer weather and sun. Not yet sure how the last few weeks of the trip will play out, but as we work our way back home… you never know. It would be fun to stop in and see you folks.

      Wishing you well,
      Kim and Chris

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