On the road again… New Orleans here we come

We were planning on heading south after Turkey Day but needed to find some warmer weather.  Our motorcycles were getting lonely.  We packed up and headed out about 1:00 this afternoon.  We called our friends Lee and Karen (from the road) in New Orleans and asked if they would like some company.  They said sure, when?  We said tomorrow, we are on our way…   Good thing they said yes:) 

We are updating our post from our humble abode for the night, as you can see below.

Chris takes me to all the best places:)

Chris takes me to all the best places:)

Hopefully we will have more to report once we get settled in the Big Easy.

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  1. Erin Wolf says:

    So exciting! New Orleans is the best!
    I got your text yesterday and mom emailed Ric about your guys’ visit.
    She gave him your number…not sure what his cell is now.
    Hope you have a BLAST!

  2. admin says:

    Hey Erin,

    We are here and looking forward to the week. Visiting our friends who live in Slidell. Hope things are going well for you. Read through all of your posts, thanks for checking out the site. Keep in touch, maybe we will catch you during one of our adventures.


  3. Natalie Boburka says:

    Hey Guys! Have fun with Lee and Karen and the kids! Say Hi for me! Maybe you’ll get to wrestle alligators, take lots of pictures, haven’t seen how big the kids are in a couple of years. Make fun of Lee’s dog, he’s trying to pass it off as macho but it can’t possibly be. Don’t adopt any puppies either! Hug everyone for me, including yourselves and stay safe! Love ya! Nat

  4. admin says:

    Hey Nat,

    Got here on Saturday afternoon. They have a great house. Lee has done a nice job of rebuilding after Katrina. The girls are big… And the dog(s) are small. Not sure if you heard the little dog (Molly) had babies, but she did and they kept 2 of them. Very cute. If they hadn’t gotten rid of the other puppies Chris and I may have gave in. Plan on visiting the Alligator farm, Lee is off until Wednesday. Plan on getting some good shots to post. Saw your other posts… Glad your following along. Dave was very cool but he was an original Alabama guy-not a transplant. As for the woodpecker assignment still waiting on results:) Stay well and give our regards to Ted.

    Luv ya back,

  5. Mike says:

    Sounds like you guys are having a blast. Eat lots of crawfish and enjoy the blues. Chris, you ought to be in heaven. Look forward to future postings.


  6. admin says:

    Hey Mike great to hear from you. We are having a good time. Weather and food are cooperating:)

    Kim and Chris

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