Salida and the Arkansas River

Moonlight over our Salida campsite

Moonlight over our Salida campsite

We left Mesa Verde and  headed east toward Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. That was a comedy of errors…  The RV park we picked looked like a bomb had just hit and the winds at the State Park qualified for a small hurricane… To top it off, the blowing sand reduced visibility considerably and threatened to take the paint off the truck. We regrouped and recovered well, heading on down the road. We found a great campsite just outside of Salida on route 50.  Our spot was right on the Arkansas River, which is apparently a very popular fly fishing spot.  The full moon over the river while the trout jumped oustside our camper door was quite a sight.


Riding in the Rockies

Riding in the Rockies

We spent the past few days doing some research and planning for our Alaska adventure.  We also worked on getting organized and restocked for the next week, which we will be spending with some old friends.  Chris worked in a ride through the mountains and enjoyed some of the local BLM land and trails.  We also took a double up ride on route 50 and through the foothills along the river.  This is really a beautiful area. 

Today is Saturday and we are heading to our friends land about 65 miles away.  We woke up to snow and the weather report doesn’t look promising for the next few days… I’m sure we will find foul weather activities and have fun regardless!  Looking forward to visiting with old friends.

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  1. mike says:

    Hey guys! Your view is beautiful. It always sounds, and looks like you are having a great time regardless of any foul weather or trashed camps . All is well here, Easter was fun, the usual church, ham, chocolate. I hope that your Easter was fun. Dont forget to take lots of pictures when you make your pilgrimage to Golden Calorado, and the Coors Light Festival. the spring frost brew is their best!! Go Silver Bullet!

    • admin says:

      Hey Mike,

      LOL… Keep in mind a silver bullet to us is an Airstream these days:) Happy to hear you had a nice Easter! We haven’t had any service so we couldn’t call to say hey. We spent Easter with some friends in Colorado. Nat and Ted flew in for a visit and an old friend from college lives here. We are having a great time. We were thinking about you guys though. Send our love to Carri and Chase.

  2. Matt Ryder says:

    Glad to see you are both having a great time!

    Take Care,

    Matt Ryder

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