Hanging in Slidell with Friends

Karen, Lee, Kaylee, and Lauren

Karen, Lee, Kaylee, and Lauren


We arrived at our friend’s house on Saturday afternoon.  They have a great house and yard.  After some fancy maneuvering and some coaching from Lee and Kim, Chris got the camper tucked into their driveway.  The drive from Tennessee to Slidell was relatively uneventful.  We did pass a camper “graveyard” that seemed to stretch for a few miles, about 100 miles outside of New Orleans on I59.  We assume that was the temporary housing from Katrina.  There is still a great deal of devastation and rebuilding going on.  It is amazing the long term impact.  We are looking forward to getting into the French Quarter, eating some oysters, hearing some music, taking some pictures, etc… 

Kim, Lauren, Molly, Telah, and Jack

Kim, Lauren, Molly, Telah, and Jack

They have three incredibly cute little dogs.  We never thought we would even consider having a small dog but this crew is winning our hearts.



Telah and Jack on Chris's Lap

Telah and Jack on Chris

Don’t tell Chris but he has two small dogs on his lap.  How cute are they?




Day trip to the gulf coast

Day trip to the gulf coast

Today we decided to venture out on the motorcycles.  Although it was still a bit chilly we managed to find sun and some fun.  We traveled along the coast to Mississippi and lunched at the Silver Slipper (one of the rebuilt casinos).  After enjoying our free stuff we decided we would head down the coast further to Gulf Shores and hit another casino.  Didn’t quite make it to Biloxi…  It was quite strange driving the coast.  There are some homes that have been rebuilt that are quite impressive.  While others are still just foundations or families living in trailers.


4 Responses to “Hanging in Slidell with Friends”

  1. Natalie Boburka says:

    Hey, Kaylee looks so much like Karen it’s not funny! I can’t believe how big the kids are! I want to see pictures of the house on the outside too! Eat oysters for me damn it! Yeah, yeah, yeah the dogs are cute, but they’re still not macho! Lee looks more hung over than sick, truth???? Love, Nat

  2. admin says:

    Hey Nat,

    I took a few shots of the house but probably won’t post too many of those. Lee was actually sick. He has had a cold since we arrived. Jack is very macho!!! If you don’t listen to him he will lick you until you comply. I plan on eating enough oysters for the two of us:)

    Luv ya,

  3. Debbie says:

    Happy Thanksgiving
    Just got the chance to look at your latest pics. We’ll be down to the Mississippi Gulf Coast next month. We have seen great progress in the area in the 2 times we’ve been there since 2006. So much more to do. Keep those updates coming!

  4. admin says:

    Hey Deb,

    I saw you and Gary on the news. Caught a clip about the suspensions. Hope you had a great holiday, we have enjoyed ours. It is amazing how they are rebuilding. I am still shocked by the amount of stuff that hasn’t been touched though. Hope you have a great time when you go. We will be updating so please keep checking in.

    Best wishes,

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