More of Capitol Reef

After getting the trailer issue diagnosed we were able to relax and have some fun.  Knowing that the part is on the way and having an appointment for the new axle to be installed made us both feel better about the road ahead.

The rest of the week was filled with the usual activities of hiking and motorcycles. Capital Reef is on the Waterpocket Fold, an enormous wrinkle in the earth’s crust known as a monocline.  This geologic feature forms the 100 mile backbone of the park and creates what explorers called an “impassable reef” of rock.  The rugged landscape is a maze of brightly colored cliffs and canyons.  We took several hikes to see some of the highlights; Capitol Gorge, Hickman Bridge, Cassidy Arch (where Butch supposedly hid out), The Frying Pan, and Cohab Canyon were just a few. 

On Thursday, our last full day, we took a long motorcycle ride along scenic route 12.  We set our destination as Escalante (our next stop after Capitol Reef) with the goal of taking the Burr Trail on the way back to Capitol Reef.  The ride along 12 was scenic indeed and we enjoyed the dichotomy of elevations, rock formations, and geography.  After securing our campsite in Escalante for the next few nights, we headed back.  A stop at the Kiva Koffeehouse was in order.  Nothing like a cappuccino in the middle of nowhere, served in a house built into the side of a rock.  After our yummy and energizing stop we set out for the Burr Trail.  Kim was determined, even though there is a stretch of dirt for 19 miles.  It was a beautiful ride until we hit the crazy steep downhill dirt switchbacks.  Kim attempted a turn or two but then had to throw in the towel after she learned the road at the bottom was a bit sandy.  She flashed the “LOSER” sign and we headed back from whence we came.  Since our loop didn’t work out, and it was getting late and we were starving, we stopped at a local joint in Boulder for a quick dinner.  On the ride back to camp, we had to take it slow after happening upon a herd of about 12 Elk and 5 or 6 herds of Mule Deer.

Friday we woke up super early to get the trailer into the shop (6am is super early to us these days, boy are we spoiled).  While they worked on the axle, we patronized the local diner for breakfast and caught up on email. It is so strange to be without phone and Internet, even on the road.  We were on our way to Escalante by 11:00, trailer fixed and Chris’ motorcycle parts in the back seat, in search of our next adventure.

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