Bryce, More of Bryce


We spent the past few days exploring Bryce and the surrounding area further.  Chris took another motorcycle ride (had parts to pick up about 100 miles away) and Kim braved another solo hike, this time  along the rim of Bryce Canyon.  One day was devoted to checking out Red Canyon, not far from Bryce.  Although our high hopes of a mountainbike ride were squashed by our lack of skills, we did manage a nice hike on the Arches trail which gave a good overview of the Red Canyon area.  After a short visit we headed back to Bryce to check out all of the view points we hadn’t hit yet.  The southern part of the part offered grand  panoramic vistas while the northern end showcased the best views of the hoodoos.

Although we had already hiked several trails in the park, we heard good things about the Fairyland Trail and were looking forward to tackling the 8 mile loop.  On Friday we had a great afternoon hiking in Fairyland and taking pictures (something different).  Earlier in the day, a neighbor from a previous campground showed up and we had made friends with our current neighbors.  Dinner with our new friends and a fire were in order and made a nice ending to the day. 

Today is our last day at Bryce, and actually in the Grand Circle area.  We are looking forward to watching the sunset and moonrise over Bryce tonight.  It will be a fitting end to a very scenic and enjoyable month. Tomorrow we hit the road heading west  to California once again.

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  1. The Nichols says:

    Whats this???? Chris, I’m VERY dissapointed! You, one of the three biggest Viking fans I know to exist, and there isn’t a picture or even a mention of Thor’s Hammer????? Say it isn’t so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, through Red Canyon to Bryce, is it just me or does it remind you of the old Road Runner cartoons???? You all should have taken the horse back ride into the canyon.
    Peace & safe journeys,

    ps. Just curious, how many miles have you logged on your journey between truck and motorcycle so far?
    Maybe we should start a friendly little pool with all of your loyal readers. We all make a guess as to how many miles you have on your trip (Truck miles) when your truck hits your driveway, the winner gets one of Kim’s famous Sotol walking sticks with their name carved into it.

    • admin says:

      Hey Scott,

      You know, till you mentioned it, I totally forgot about Thor’s Hammer. I never saw it! Kim did on her walk she did on her own, but I missed it…Doh!

      Mileage on the truck so far is close to 15,000 miles in less than 6 months. Not sure on the bikes, we did not record those #s. We can run the pool if anybody is interested….Put your guesses in a comment here or send us an email.


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