Shenandoah Valley

We spent our last few days in Yosemite laying low due to the holiday weekend crowds.  We managed to enjoy the local attractions taking  a few short hikes to local waterfalls and swimming holes, reading our books, doing some housekeeping, changing trailer tires(picked up a nail)…  Our original plan was to go to the famous Napa Valley to sample some California wines. After getting some advice from Ralph, we decided to head toward the Shenandoah Valley instead, as it sounds like Napa has become very expensive and touristy.

Home sweet nuclear home

Home sweet nuclear home

On Tuesday, we arrived at our new home, Rancho Seco Recreational Area and Nuclear Extraveganza… OK… It was actually a decommissioned nuke plant that had a beautiful lake, cheap camping, and great views in a convenient area for the wineries.  It was also way less expensive ($15/day) than the only other game in town($50/day).  It was a beautiful area with TONS of wineries within close proximity.  The best part was no tasting fees and some really great wines!

Dobra winery

Dobra winery

We spent the past few days tasting the local Zin’s, Barberra’s, Sangiovese’s, among other local varietals.  We had a great time chatting with the vintners and making friends with the tasting room pourers.

Villa Toscano

Villa Toscano

After two days and 10 wineries… we were ready to move on.  Can’t fit any more bottles in the camper or afford any more in the checkbook 🙂

8 Responses to “Shenandoah Valley”

  1. Nat and Ted says:

    Ok, so how are the wineries different there than in the Finger Lakes? Favorite new type of wine? And where’s the crazy timer shot to go with it??Miss you, when are you in phone range again?!! Had fun with Brenda last weekend, we wore her out in one easy day/night! Did some nice hiking though on Monday before we sent her back on the non-harrypotter style train! (Nothing is magic about Amtrak!!) Love to you both, Nat and Ted

    • admin says:

      Hey Nat and Ted,
      Hope all is well back home. The wineries were very similar to the FInger Lakes in the old days. Smaller tasting rooms, no fees, pourers who chatted you up about the wines and local flair… The wines were pretty good. The grapes are different in this area and there are very earthy “big” reds unlike back home. We really liked the Ports (generally blends of the local or Portugese grapes). They are known for having “old vines” Zins (from the 1800’s) and Barberra and Sangiovese grapes are other popular varieties of the area. We even tasted some Grappa (bought one bottle). Looking forward to chatting and catching up. Sounds like there is an Amtrack story somewhere:) I’ll call.
      Love ya,
      Kim and Chris

  2. lindsay lu lu says:

    kim is a lady she dosen’t fart! how dare you want to say that christopher! Thats funny that you guys are at a neuk place but at leat it cheeper right!?!? i love the villa toscano photo of you, i think it is one of the best ones yet. i will give you a call when i get home from school today. love you…see you in 27 days!!!!!


  3. The Mommie Unit says:

    Hey guys I know the campground was cheap to stay at but have you checked yourselves with a Geiger counter lately? You seem to be glowing or are you both just flushed from wine tasting?

    Stay Safe & Happy & Glowing!
    Big Hugs & Love

    • admin says:

      Hi Mom,

      You mean we shouldn’t have eaten the fish with three eyes…. It was actually a really nice rec area with a small lake that seemed to be pretty popular with the locals. Just a natural glow:) The glow also could have been sweat, as it was about 95 degrees everyday we were there. Hope all is well. I’ll call soon so we can catch up.

      Love ya!

  4. Ralph says:

    Hey, you guys!! Glad to hear the trip to Shenandoah was fun and as represented. Sorry for the heat.. I think we are in for a cooling spell now. My kids and Grandbabies are coming in from Tucson tomorrow and we are going to go to Lake Tahoe and have lunch at Garwood’s on the Lake in Carnelian Bay, then head out on the lake here at the house for some fishing and tubing. Probably end up in Yosemite at the RV Park and restaurant where we met for a few days. Got my “stimulus check” so I will treat my mom and the kids to a nice lunch in the Ahwanee Hotel. If Jen is feeling better she will join us. I look forward to watching your adventure continue to unfold. Love the pictures! I have been to all the places you have here in CA and they bring back fond memories. Bon Journey!

    • admin says:

      Hey Ralph,

      Glad you checked the website. We have enjoyed California and continue to do so. We headed to the Redwoods (Klamath) from Shenandoah. Don’t worry, we found cooler weather. Since we arrived yesterday it has been about 50 and foggy. We are already regretting complaining about the heat. The forest, is however quite incredible. It reminds us of the Napali coast, especially with the fog. Hope you enjoy your family time, sounds like a lot of fun. Please send our best to Jennifer. We hope she can join you in a flash! Keep in touch!

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