Welcome to Oregon

We left the Redwoods and arrived at our next destination on the Oregon coast Wednesday.  As much as we would like to report about a crazy schedule of hiking and motorcycling… the weather has been less than cooperative.  Since we arrived on the coast, a week ago, every day has been cloudy, rainy, foggy, and 50’s. It feels like we are back in Rochester, which is good for the homesickness, but bad for our activity level. 

The Oregon coast has a great deal to offer and is home to State Park after State Park.  The views, even with the clouds and fog, are amazing.  We have been “auto touring”, taking some short coastal hikes, visiting the local towns (we even managed our first movie this trip- Angles and Demons), and checking out the local wildlife (sea lions, harbor seals, and shore birds). Our first night here, we met a young couple from the UK and spent the evening trading traveling stories over a few adult beverages and spaghetti.

We are staying in Sunset Bay State Park (no cell or internet once again).  Oregon State Parks offer free camping on Saturdays, which was a nice surprise.  Struggling to find good gray day activities, we looked into deep sea fishing.  Again, we were pleasantly surprised to find out this was “free fishing” weekend in Oregon, saving us the cost of purchasing day licenses.  Tomorrow, we head out to sea hoping to stock the freezer with some local fish.

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  1. Jim and Cheryl says:

    Bummer about the weather but the experience is incredible. We are envious! Enjoy!!

    • admin says:

      Jim and Cheryl… Good to hear from you guys! Hope things at home are running smooth. We hope your weather has been much more cooperative! I guess we shouldn’t complain too much:) We are enjoying, thanks!!!

  2. Astro says:

    Hey guys, hope all is well. These photos you’re sharing are absolutely incredible, although to witness these majestic sites in person must be positively mesmorizing. Wish we could be there with you. Yosemite is gorgeous, no pun intended. Looks like you’re having a fabulous time. Chrissy, what is up with the hair? Looks great! 🙂 Anywhoo…not much to report here except Adam graduated from Pre-school to Kindergarten, that was really cute, Steve has been working very hard on the cabin, it’s coming along, he’s quite could with a chain saw, not anything like Michael Myers or Jason but he’s pretty good…it will be really neat when it’s all done. We’ve progressed. Now we’re not tenting outside anymore, we sleep inside in the cabin, in the tent. Running water should be hooked up next week so that’s promising. Sammy caught three more frogs last weekend and almost caught a snapping turtle, thank goodness she had her crocs on or that darn thing would’ve haven taken a toe! I’ll try to send pics soon as our camera died. Boats in the water next week…so much to do, yet so little time. Take care and miss you both tons! Love, SAMSA

    • admin says:

      Hey Fanny,

      Sounds like things are going well back home for you and the whole family. Even with the work going on, it seems you are all enjoying the cabin already. Just remind Stephen… “all work and no play…”. Glad to hear Sammi has all of her toes and that Adam didn’t flunt out of preschool. Crazy to think both of your kids are school age. Man are we getting old!! We have been fighting some annoyong weather patterns along the coast but have been making the most of it. I can’t wait to hear your reaction to our recent deep sea adventure… I know how much you like fishing. Great to hear from you and wish you could be here too! Keep in touch, it’s really nice to get updates from home.

      Miss ya!!!
      Love Us

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