Deep Sea Fishing in Oregon

Our chariot for the day

Our chariot for the day

We woke up at 5 AM to be at the docks by 6.  After some hot java, things started to look clearer.  We haven’t seen that hour since our Grand Canyon adventure. We headed out for a 5 hour tour with Captain Bill and his mates Kurt and Tim from Betty Kay Fishing Charters out of Charleston Oregon.  Things started out slow and dismal much like the weather of late. 

Kim catches a Copper Rockfish

A few of these...

 Although Kim caught the first fish of the day, it wasn’t a keeper. After several less than successful stops we found a hot spot and we were reeling them in left and right.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay in this sweet spot long. Apparently, the local fishermen like to follow the charters as they reveal their secret fishing spots and a couple boats were about to discover this location.  We spent a great deal of time outrunning and avoiding these troublesome anglers.  This forced us to reel in and relocate quite a bit, although the verbal exchange between Captain Bill and the anglers was entertaining.  Fortunately, Captain Bill was hell bent on everyone having a great fishing experience and pretty much guaranteed you would catch your limit.

Plus the Octopus she caught...

Plus this...

Late in the day, Kim snagged the bottom with her hook (an all too common occurrence throughout the day). She gave up her pole to Tim the deckhand, like several times before. He worked it a little bit and finally got it loose, however it felt like something from the bottom may still be on the line. Kim reeled and reeled and we were surprised to find a 25 pound octopus on the line. It was an interesting flurry of activity to get the sticky creature out of the water and into the cooler. Its tentacles and suction cups stuck to any smooth surface. Kim was a trooper and helped peel the arms off anything they stuck too (only squealing a little). Mmmmm, octopus for dinner!

Equals this

Equals this

Finally, we reached the limit of fish for everybody on board (including the deckhands) and headed home. A 5 hour charter had turned into close to 10. Good thing nobody had afternoon plans. For a small fee, everybody had their fish cleaned right on the dock, including our octopus. We stopped at a small fish store for supplies and drove home to try and cook our “fresh catch” dinner. The fish was incredible, the octopus….not so much. Once we get internet access again, we will need to do some research on how to cook it, as ours came out a bit rubbery.

8 Responses to “Deep Sea Fishing in Oregon”

  1. lindsay lu lu says:

    OMG EWWW i would be crying if that thing got stuck to me! but i do like to eat them fried with a little red saws…mmmm mmm! the fish’s eyes are huge it looks a little like something you would have a bad dream about. 15 MORE DAYS! love you

  2. Randall says:

    I believe that calamari is actually squid, and not octopus. You could have eaten it raw, like in sushi shops.

  3. Dale and Cheryl says:

    What a fun story. Sounds like a great time!! Hope it was delicious.

    Mmmmmm sushi.

  4. admin says:

    Hey Randall,

    Doh! That explains alot 🙂 We fixed the post so we don’t look so dumb. Kim actually claims she told me this…I don’t believe her, but I have been known to tune her out 🙂

    We have since spoke to brother Mike the chef. We now have an idea how to cook it…we’ll try again soon.


  5. admin says:

    Hey Cheryl and Dale,

    Funny, the only sushi neither of us like is octopus. Whenever we order lotsa fish for two at California Rollin’, we always write in the margin ‘No octopus please’.

    Too bad we didn’t catch a tuna 🙂

    Chris and Kim

  6. Nat and Ted says:

    Hey, what kind of fish was that? I tried cooking octopus once, I definitley prefer squid (calamari)! Octopus is much thicker and can easily become rubbery, but my sister loves it grilled and I did try it that way once. Wasn’t too bad, I think she put some kind of oriental barbecue sauce on it. 25 lbs is a lot of octopus!!! Can’t wait to see what’s next! Do you have cell service yet? Miss you! Nat

  7. admin says:

    Good Morning Nat,

    Yes, the octopus was rubbery. I did some research and it looks like you have to boil it for a while to tenderize (up to a few hours), then marinate. It sounds like grilling or sauteing after that is the way to go. I will keep you posted on my efforts. Believe it or not, after you cut off the head and get all of the slimy skin off, there really isn’t that much to it. The fish was “Rock” fish. There are many different kinds. We caught Blackrock, Yellowtail, Blue, and Copper that day. It is very mild and easy to cook. We have tried it lightly italian breaded, lightly panko breaded, broiled, and french style- all very good! Finally going on a hike today, yeah!!! We are doing a hike called Trail of Ten Falls in Silver Falls State Park. I’ll report later:) Miss you too and YES we do have cell service. Maybe we can chat tonight!
    Love ya,

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