More of the Olympic Peninsula

Kayaking in the shadows of Mt Olympus

Kayaking in the shadows of Mt Olympus

The past few days have continued to be filled with outdoor fun.  Friday started off fairly sunny so we wanted to take advantage as the weather is a gamble every day around here. Lindsay experienced yet another “first” when we went kayaking.  We rented a double kayak, which Chris and Lindsay manned while Josh and Kim paddled the singles.  We had a nice afternoon exploring Lake Aldwell and the surrounding scenery. After our kayaking adventure it was home for a fire, dinner,  video, and of course some smores:)

Harbour at La Push

Harbor at La Push

Interestingly enough, we have all read (or are currently reading) the Twilight series.  Unbenown to us when we planned our visit to this area, it is “Twilight” country.  We spent Saturday visiting the Hoh Rain Forest section of the park and hitting various locations from the book.  Lindsay loved the hiking (NOT!), so after a few short walks through the rain forest we set out to see the town of Forks and La Push (the 2 main towns in the series).  Forks was uninspiring but we had a lot of fun walking along the beach in La Push collecting rocks (sorry Bren, we couldn’t find a shark tooth but we will keep looking). We ended the day with dinner and a video.

The last day on the Olympic Peninsula was spent dividing and conquering.  Chris and Josh set out to tackle Mt. Storm King and Merymere Falls.  They had perfect weather for riding the motorcycle to their destination and hiking the 6 miles (give or take).  They enjoyed lunch on top of Mt. Storm King and relished in the views.  While they excercised, Kim and Lindsay did some girly hair dying (scary pink), ice cream eating, and ended thier day with a visit to the Olympic Game Park.  Lindsay loved the animals and had a blast feeding the Bison, llamas, Elk, Bear, and other large game from the truck.  Chris was not pleased with the drool  all over the truck but loved the stories.  The boys were pretty pooped after their day so after dinner they chilled with a movie while Kim and Lindsay had a fire and made smores.  Another fun, full day was had by all.  Tomorrow we move onto Mt. Rainier.


11 Responses to “More of the Olympic Peninsula”

  1. lindsay =] says:

    i am only doing this because chris said it would have ben funny…so yeahh hey guys i am at the dinner table and kim just siad “who are you frantikly e-mailing right now?” hahah little dose she know i am e-mailing her ha ha ha ha aaaaahhhhahahahah! welll love you

  2. brenda guild says:

    ok I think I would of like to have been with Josh and Chris but…. I have to say is that pink forever, because it is quite brite.
    love ya
    miss ya
    Bren and or Mom

  3. Astro says:

    You guys look like you’re having a fabulous time! Say hi to Josh and Lindsey for us! Love the starfish – cool catches in those pools. Can’t keep em though, they’re still alive. Although on a bit different note, but remember when we captured all those toads from Aunt Lorraines house and they escaped in Dad’s car while we were watching Chris play baseball – wasn’t pretty. Think of what mess live sea creatures could create. 🙂 Instead of Pink, try purple & yellow (Minn. Viking Colors) …it’s in. Have fun!
    Love SAMSA

  4. The Mommie Unit says:

    After careful consideration I think you should add some purple highlights to tone the Pink down a bit after all you are a school administrator and must keep up appearances. Is Chris considering doing this to his hair also? If so I think a nice medium blue with some green highlights would be handsome. You can you use the color pattern on the tail of the peacock as a quick reference guide when you are dyeing his hair while he is sleeping.

    Got to go now I and thinking of dyeing my hair in a plaid pattern will send photos.

    love mom

  5. admin says:

    Hi Mom,

    You have all of us LOL… I hope the plaid works out for you. We can’t wait to see the photo’s.

    Love ya

  6. admin says:

    Hi Annie,

    Good to hear from you again. Thanks for the critter advice. Chris doesn’t remember the “aunt Lorraine” incident but these day’s he doesn’t remember much (old age and mental atrophy). Lindsay and Josh say hello. We may take you up on the Viking colors- the pink is a little girly:) Stay well and send our love to the troops. Miss you guys.

    Love us

  7. admin says:

    Hi Bren/Mom,

    I probably should have gone with the guys too. I now look like the ‘Beauty school dropout’ from Greece. Lindsay’s hair looks pretty cool- a good summer “do”. My hair is a bit bright and I actually tried to redye it this morning with no luck. It toned it down a bit but not much. Looks like I will need some professional help and not just therapy. Believe it or not, Chris actually likes it. Wish me luck.

    Love ya! All of us

  8. The Mommie Unit says:

    Wow Chris likes your hair well then I guess you can dye his while he is awake and get his feedback on color.

    Whatever you do about your hair STAY AWAY FROM WALMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and stylist named Crystal or Britany or Thelma no matter what they’re sexual persuasion is.

    Personally I think you should do nothing. You don’t want your hair to start falling out. In time the color will fade if there is a God.

    Good luck now I am going for professional help myself after I told Chris I was thinking of dying my hair plaid he suggested it might be a good idea. Not sure what kind of professional he was talking about but he did ask me if I was remembering to take my Prosac.

    Hugs & Love

  9. Erin Wolf says:

    Hi guys!
    Looks like you’re having a fantastic time as usual! How fun to hang with Lindsay and Josh! You caught my interest with the “Twilight” tour – I just started reading the series…so of course, no summer school lessons are getting planned! Hope you had a great time!

    • admin says:

      Yeah Erin!!! So good to hear you are still with us:) We are having a great time and it was a lot of fun having the kids visit. Chris and I have read the whole Twilight series so it was kind of cool in a geeky way to be in the area. The kids got a real kick out of it. Say hi to the fam damily for me. Looking forard to a reunion when I/we get back! Tell Daryl I stopped at Chateau St. Michelle and it was a touristy nightmere:(. I may have to switch chardonnay’s

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