On the road again…The Lone Star State

Can't they come up with something better to be proud of????

The Lone Star State

As great as it was to see family and friends, we were itchin’ to be back on the road. Thanks to all for your southern hospitality and fun times.  We headed out Sunday morning with destination unknown, except that we were heading to Texas.  While on the road we decided to check out Lake Livingston, mostly because it was a reasonable driving distance.  To our surprise, the park had some great campsites right on the water.  Kim got a little ticked as they charged a $3 per person/day fee on top of the camping costs for “using the state park”. That was an additional $18. 

Our campsite at Lake Livingston SP

Our campsite at Lake Livingston SP

As you can see, once we got settled at our site, Kim became less annoyed.  While we set up camp there was an amazing sunset.  Our spot on the lake has a westward view, allowing us to get the full effect.

View of Lake Livingston from our campsite picnic table

View of Lake Livingston from our campsite picnic table

While Chris did his thing seting up the RV, Kim snapped a few more sunset pictures.

Sunset on Lake Livingston

Sunset on Lake Livingston


Campsite at Lake Livingston SP

Campsite at Lake Livingston SP by day

The weather was not supposed to be great but it was at least warm.  We started the morning trying our hand at fishing in our “backyard”, with no luck.  We then headed out on the motorcycles, which due to some flat and boring roads combined with some heafty winds became a bad idea.  Interesting to see the hurricane Ike damage, which reached as far north as where we are staying.  Many trees are down and we have seen a lot of roofs covered by blue tarps.  The beauty of the felled trees is the ample supply of firewood in the park.  After gathering our firewood supply for the next few days we decided to take a bike ride around the park.  Very nice trails.  A good day was had by all.

4 Responses to “On the road again…The Lone Star State”

  1. susan nichols says:

    Awsome sunset pictures! Hope all is well. I have turned quite a few people onto this site and they love the pictures. My cousin is using this as part of a teaching tool in her classroom in Spencerport. Enjoy yourselves.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Sue,

    Great to hear from you again. Hope the family is all doing well and that you had a great Turkey Day. Glad you’re enjoying the pictures. Keep in touch.


  3. The Mommy Unit says:

    Hi Guys!

    Does anyone have a clue as to what “Drive Friendly the Texas way means”? Do you have to have a smile on your face all of the time? And what exactly is the Texas way? These might be a good interview questions for Micheal Moore.

    Love the Sunset on Lake Livingston photo!

    Love & Hugs
    Mom & Chris

  4. admin says:

    Hey Back,

    LOL…Great question. I have asked myself the same thing on several occasions. With the weather the way it has been I am not seeing too many people with smiles. Of course it was 31 degrees today with snow, which they apparently haven’t had in a VERY LONG time. We will find the warm weather!!! The first night here was very nice and the sunset was perfect.

    Love you:)

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