Motorcycles and Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave NP entrance
Mammoth Cave NP entrance

Left at 10 am. Sunny, 75 and blue skies. Had a great long ride (you can’t get there from here…at least not in a straight line in KY). Hit Mammoth Cave National Park at 12:15. Hooked up with a 2 hour cave tour at 1:30. Cut it a little too close when we decided we had time for a quick ride and snack before the tour started. Pulled back in the parking lot just as they were calling last call on to the bus. 

One of the few stalagmite/stalagtites on Mammoth Cave.

One of the few stalagmite/stalagtites in Mammoth Cave.

Tour was great, pictures just don’t do justice to the beauty and immensity of the cave. If we got anything out of Ranger Joel, Mammoth cave is a dry cave, meaning very few stalagmite/stalagtite formations. It also means a very stable cave, which allowed it to grow to 349 miles. This makes it, by far, the largest cave in the world. To the left is one of the few areas where water is present.

Historical entrance to Mammoth cave

Historical entrance to Mammoth cave

We had to check out the Historical Entrance before we left the park. Lots of stairs and old legs:)  Great day so far.  Left the park a little later than planned and haven’t gotten used to how early it gets dark…  Made for a very long, dark, and cold trip home but well worth it!

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  1. Erin Wolf says:

    I love Mammoth Caves!
    Great picture at the entrance!

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