Why Livingston Texas? Moving On…

Our Bold Friend

Well we are traveling again.  We spent the past several days in Livingston fighting the weather.  It actually SNOWED last night.  According to the locals, it hasn’t snowed here for years.  We also heard it snowed in the French Quarter… Sure there’s no global warming…  Anyway, we started to get worried when every person we spoke with asked “Why are you in Livingston?”.  After spending the past several days looking for things to do, we concur with their line of questioning.  The campsite was very nice, unfortunately we couldn’t spend much time outside.  Thank goodness for thw Wii and “Movie Gallery”, where we stocked up on fine titles like Chuck and Larry and Planet Terror (Chris is longer allowed to pick out movies).  We also watched The Queen- my pick, which was very good.  Heading further south today to the Lake Corpus Christi area which is about 40 miles north of the shore and Padre Island.  The weather is supposed to be in the 60’s and 70’s and clear for the next few days and we are looking forwrd to it.

Get's even Bolder!

Gets even Bolder

The wild life wasn’t too wild until we were leaving.  We actually saw a hawk with a squirrel much like our friend here in its tallons.  Unfortunately he flew away before we could capture the moment.

Ike Damage

Ike Damage

Although we didn’t make it all the way to Galveston, we did drive the coast on one of the cold rainy days.  Boy… there really is nothing there anymore.  It’s sad to see the damage that is still so evident after so much time.

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