Waterton II, Crypt Lake Trail

Prince of Whales hotel in sunshine

Prince of Wales hotel in sunshine

The plan was to leave Waterton NP and head into the US and Glacier NP this morning. Who would have “thunk” it, contrary to every weather forecast we saw, the sun decided to make an appearance.  We woke up to what could be interpreted as a sunny day.  Since our plans can be flexible and Luke wasn’t due until tomorrow, we decided to take the Crypt Lake trail afterall. We had to stop and recapture the Prince of Wales Hotel picture with a better sky. You can see the huge difference a sunny sky makes to the quality of the views by comparing this shot to the one in the previous post.

Crypt Lake

Crypt Lake

We checked with the campground office and staying another night wasn’t a problem.  From there it was game on.   Readying ourselves for the day, water, snacks, lunch, raingear, etc… took no time at all.  We were on the trail, after catching the 10 o’clock boat shuttle, by 10:20. Our goal was to make it back for the 4 o’clock return shuttle.  The trail started out steep, with switchbacks through the woods, then worked it’s way through a few canyon/valley areas with several stream crossings.  It was a reasonable grade and some flat offered time for recovery.  We passed several waterfalls along the way and, of course, tried to get our timer shots. The last section of trail was very steep with switchbacks up a rocky knoll , a cliff like section to traverse, a ladder climb into a 60 foot narrow tunnel, another cliff section that was so steep, they had cable railings for safety… then a short jaunt to Crypt Lake.  We enjoyed a short rest and our PB&J’s which we shared with the gnats (they threatened to carry us away if we didn’t). We cruised on the way down to try and catch the early boat home.  At one point, we were distracted by a female moose grazing in the valley below.  While Kim was looking for more moose and shouting her moose call, she missed her footing and took a very graceful fall(not!) with a full roll included for effect (mind you her second fall of the day).  None the worse for wear we continued on, even braving the Hell-Roaring Falls trail.  Braving not only due to the added distance, but there was tons on bear poo making us a bit nervous. Tired, happy, and hungry we made the 4 o’clock boat and headed home to post our trek.  Well worth staying the extra day!!!


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  1. The Mommie Unit says:


    Been busy doing nothing in particular. The band Children of God that Chris was in years back is doing a reunion performance at the Bearsville Theater this coming Saturday night should be fun. They were a popular band in the seventies. We are having them all over for a barbeque on Saturday before the gig. Chris hasn’t seen some of the band members in 30 years! They are also going to rehearse in our house for the gig.
    Well I got nothing else to report.

    Miss you guys mucho

    Stay Well & Happy & Safe

    Much love & Hugs


  2. lindsay says:

    I MISS YOU! Hey lucke-y-charms have fun hicking your butty off!
    kayyy bye!

  3. Nat says:

    Hey guys! I am absolutely overcome by the gorgeous pictures (my excuse for not writing comments earlier!) I still think Olympic Park may be my favorite though, but who knew there was more than cheap bear and the other side of the Falls in Canada all that time we lived in Buffalo?!!! You guys could come back,quit your jobs for good, and become professional photographers with all the practice you’re getting. Seriously gorgeous photos! Miss you LOTS! My No Kim and Chris tolerance is wearing very very thin!!! Have fun with Luke, hopefully he’s got more energy than Lindsay (the wimp!!)……………..Love, Nat

    • admin says:

      Hi Nat,

      Good to hear from you. Canada has quite a bit to offer but it can be pricey. Jasper and Banff were incredible. Wouldn’t it be nice to do photography for a living… traveling to really cool places and documenting them in pictures. That would be a dream job eh? I don’t think I will give up my day job… too much competition and that would mean being away longer. Luke’s doing good, a step up from Lindsay on the hiking scale but I think we will break him before he goes home (if the weather cooperates). Miss you mucho! I’ll try and give you a buzz.

      Love ya!

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