The Badlands NP


We left Hill City early and stopped in Rapid City to get 8, yes 8, new tires.  We have done a LOT of miles and both the trailer and rear truck tires were in need of some new tread.  Although a pricey stop, it was quite convenient. We used a loner car to grab some lunch and run a few errands. We were back on the road 2 hours later. The trip to the Badlands was quick and a good test of both the weld and of the new tires.  We were set up and touring the park by 3 o’clock.  In just the first few stops we knew we made a good choice of coming here.  We used the afternoon to take a few short hikes to the Cliff Shelf, Notch, Window, and Door trails.  

20090924-031xSince we only had a day and a half, we had to make the most of our time. The next day we were out on the trail by 9:30, taking in the views from the Castle and Medicine Root trail. The harsh terrain of the Badlands was quite interesting and made for a great morning trek.  After 8 miles we were ready for some auto touring, the plan for the rest of our day.  Badlands Park is extremely colorful and as the sky and lighting changes so do the views.  We found photo opportunites at every turn.  Of course, anyone who has traveled in South Dakota, has been bombarded with Wall Drug signage.  Yes, we had to make a brief stop in Wall to say we were there. What a tourist trap! We only stayed for a few minutes and took advantage of the “free water”.

Tomorrow, we are off to Minneapolis to see the Viking’s home opener on Sunday.

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  1. David Moffitt says:

    Looks like you’re seeing some rather unique country. Sorry to hear about the issue with the trailer springs and tires. How many miles have you logged on the rig so far?

    That photo of you at Mount Rushmore conjured up memories for me of the Alfred Hitchcock thriller,”North By Northwest,” which makes “Close Encounters” seem like a recent release. Just shows how old I am!

    I was also reminded of y’all when I read the story about Randy Quaid and his wife being picked up in Marfa for allegedly skipping out on a hotel bill in California. You can now consider yourselves in some very famous company! (At least you weren’t taken into custody and had to post bail.)

    Hope you enjoy the football game.

    • admin says:

      Hi Dave,

      Funny you should mention North by Northwest. The day we posted my mom and her husband were actually watching that movie (an old favorite of hers). Remember, you are only as old as you act:) The football game was great. We really couldn’t have asked for a better game to catch. Always good to hear from you. We will try and stay on the right side of the law.

      Best Wishes

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