Home sweet home

Yes, we finally made it home. 850 miles in a day and a half to get here, but we made it safe and sound. The house was in good shape when we arrived, just needs a good cleaning. Forgot how big 2 thousand sq ft is…..


Proper summary post to come when we get caught up here.

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  1. Astro says:

    Hey guys ~ Welcome Back! 🙂 Give us a shout when you get settled as I am sure you’re probably up to your eyeballs with things to do. SAMSA

  2. Dale and Cheryl says:

    Welcome Home!! So looking forward to seeing you (as are the kids). I don’t want to overwhelm you with our desparate need for a Kim and Chris fix, but when you feel that urge for some sushi and good company…you know where to find us. I will have a Growler and a cigar on the ready. If too much time goes by, we WILL stalk you.

    Welcome back!

  3. The Nichols says:

    Welcome home! I know we dont see enough of eachother as it is, but I have to tell you, I did miss you guy often while you were away and I (all of us really) can’t wait to see you SOON!!!
    The Nichols Clan

  4. Debbie says:

    Welcome back! See you soon I hope at Tap & Mallet

  5. Jon Schwartz says:

    Welcome Home! Great following you around the country, write a book. Call me soon about …..

  6. Brett Hill says:

    Welcome home! I’ve told a number of people about your trip and shared my jealousy. Can’t imagine how great it was for you guys. I enjoyed following it from here.

  7. We really needed to slip in here before this portal closes or some such, to let you know how sad it is for us to see your trip come to an end. We followed you every, step, page, paragraph and picture of the way and enjoyed all of it. You did a great job recording your adventure. Thank you for letting us share it with you.

    Of course there WILL be another trip and we will be waiting for it.

    Several of your Wilderness Lakes friends asked me to send hugs from them along with the promise of hugs in person as soon as you get within arms reach again.

    Love Ya,
    Blaine & Margaret

  8. Daryl says:

    YES….OF COURSE…. WELCOME HOME!!! and yet selfishly… Oh So Sad for ME!! What will I do now on Sunday mornings??… in my pj’s.. with my coffee…reading eloquent descriptions of flora and fauna …and caves… and mountains…and waterfalls… from ALL OVER the USA!! Your pictures were SPECTACULAR… but even without them… your words in your writings created the most beautiful pictures in my mind… even before I saw the ‘timer shots of the day’!! I think you should research a ‘sponsor’… perhaps National Geographic… that would ‘fund’ ($$) all of your future “travels”… in exchange for your linguistic expertise and photographic skills!!!!! I would DEFINITELY SUBSCRIBE!!! Looking forward to MANY … HH’s… to hear your stories “Up Close & Personal”!! Maybe a T&M HH when you get settled at home!! xoxo Daryl p.s. I closed up Long Lake this weekend… for the winter… and ‘toasted you both’ with my AdirondackChairLakeviewHH evenwithCassie Mug!! one of my VERY favorites!!!

  9. David Moffitt says:

    I guess my sentiments are similar to Blaine’s, Margaret’s and Daryl’s. While I’m sure your local friends and family are glad you are home, for those of us who were fortunate enough to meet you on the road and follow your travels, it is sad to see your adventure come to an end. Please know that I consider our chance meeting a privilege and your sharing a unique experience with beautiful photographs and commentary a generous gift to all of us who followed your journey.

    I look forward to reading your summary. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the lyrics to a song I learned at the Stillwell trail ride last February.

    Have you tried Nan’s burritos?
    Jalapeno, bean barritos,
    For they are the best in the land. (Yum, yum)
    Once you’ve eaten Nan’s burritos,
    You won’t be bitten by mosquitos;
    They’re the hottest thing this side of the Rio Grande.

    Jalapeno bean burritos.
    Your belly is El Nino;
    Once you’ve tried one you’ll want some more. (give me more)
    So, eat more of Nan’s burritos,
    With a side of jalapenos.
    You can get only get ’em at the Stillwell store.

  10. Karen & Dennis says:

    Hi Kim & Chris,

    Though it’s sad your trip has come to an end I’m sure you’re appreciating your home, friends and family plus the chance to do really mundane things … like watch TV, soak in a bubble-bath or go to the movies.

    We loved meeting you on your trip and hope that we’ll see you again next year. Perhaps we could do a hike together? 🙂

    All the best for your transition back into the working world!

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