Wine and Sunsets in Del Rio, Texas

After checking out the canyon we headed into Del Rio to visit the Val Verde Winery, which as been in operation since 1883 under the same family.  They had a nice variety of wines and we surprised ourselves by liking one of the sweeter wines, popular in the area. Since we can’t have “ground fires”, as there is a fire ban in this area of Texas, we stopped to get a grill so we could have some steak for dinner.  The rush was on… we also wanted to stop by the Amistad National Recreation Area to catch the sunset.  We made it, but the quality we were looking for was not there.  Better luck next time.


3 Responses to “Wine and Sunsets in Del Rio, Texas”

  1. susan nichols says:

    We are in the middle of an old fashion Rochester snow storm. What are the animals in the second Seminole Canyon picture? I love going to new wineries and I especially enjoy being surprised by an unfamiliar wine- hats off to you for tasting sweet it does pay to take a risk!

  2. admin says:

    Hey Sue,

    Hope you made it through the storm. The animals were deer, panthers, and snakes for the most part. We didn’t buy the sweet but it was good:)


  3. Natalie says:

    ONE BOTTLE!???? JUST ONE BOTTLE??? THAT’S ALL I SEE IN THE PICTURE IS ONE BOTTLE?!!!!! Where are the cases? How come you can sit up straight? You did not have enough fun there obviously! Kidding (kind of) and I liked the sunset pictures! Subtle is good sometimes. (Like I would know) We’ll miss you guys during the holidays this year, but will try to make up for it by having fun with your Dad Kim…Love you both! Nat and Ted

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