Day 2 at Big Bend National Park, TX

Day two was as great as day one.  View, after view, after view…  After having pancakes and sausages with our new friend Dave from San Antonio we headed out on the bikes again.  We did over 180 miles, thankfully mostly on roads that allowed Kim’s bike to stay upright.  We bumped into friends (Ontario) from our last campsite on our journey who were enjoying the scenery as much as we were.  It’s really amazing how small the world can be.  We visited Santa Elena Canyon via the Ross Maxwell scenic drive, Study Butte via the Old Maverick road (dirt), and briefly stopped at the Terlingua Ghost Town today. 

We bumped into a few other motorcycle riders who were very friendly and very excited about riding in the area.  Looking forward to more… 

The next few days are supposed to be cooler so we plan to do some hiking and explore more of the park with the truck.

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  1. mike says:

    So, there we were…. for the last 3 weeks just wanting a nice glass of wine and looking high and low for our cork screw, as we cracked open another Coors Light (pull tab). We were just giving up hope when our mail produced of all things.. our missing cork screw! true Christmas magic. We hurried in to open a long awaited bottle of fermented bliss, as we cracked the foil around the stem and tried to release the cork we were again surprised to find…. its a screw top! it had been there for us the whole time, we all had a good laugh.
    Guys, just a little Christmas fiction for you to enjoy. Your pictures are amazing, what a beautiful area of the country. We had not noticed that the cork screw was even missing. so it really was a surprise to get it in the mail. Thanks. Have fun!!. By the way I understand that if you impale a tarantula (or other large spider) on a stick and roast it on an open fire thay make a tasty snack, tastes like popcorn bon-appitit

  2. The Mommie Unit says:

    Hey Kim glad you are back in the saddle again, I hope you have not done any permanent injury to yourself just the usual bangs & bruises that active people like the both of you have to expect to get from time to time.

    Boy I never realized that Texas was such a beautiful state. When Chris and I have passed through it (4x’s) we always stay on Rt10 and it looked positively boring, maybe even Oklahoma has some redeeming features when you get off the beaten path.

    I am curious how has the food been on your trip? Has it been easy to get the brands you are used to back east? I remember that between the two coasts the rest of the country thinks bread is white & soft and good for making balls with, cheese tastes like the wrapper it’s packaged in or comes out of a squeezey tube and mustard is always bright yellow. When I asked some clerks in grocery stores if they had an organic section or romaine lettuce instead of iceberg they looked at me like I was an alien or at the very least a communist!

    We have about 14-16 inches of snow on the ground and it is snowing again it started this morning. Snow is very pretty & quaint for Christmas but it is also wet & cold and a real bitch to shovel! Desert Hot Springs is looking really appealing at this moment in time!

    Merry Christmas to all who read this post.

    Love & Hugs

    Mom & Chris

  3. mike says:

    its been a tough 3 weeks not being able to open any wine, Thank goodness for flip top Coors Light. We looked high an low for our very favorite one of a kind super duper cork screw, we were afraid it would be lost forever. then it shows up in the mail! we were so happy, we ran in the house to crack open a nice wine, as we tore into the foil around the neck we noticed it was a screw top!! we could have enjoyed wine all along… wa wa waaaa. Thanks for getting that home you guys. Your pics are beautiful looks like an other great time on your tour . Your ransom idea would have been fun. although we did not actually notice it was missing. should we be counting silver?

  4. admin says:

    Hi Mike,

    LOL… Those were the funniest. I was crying while reading them. I bet you did the first one and didn’t see it posted so you did it a second time… I likes them both so I approved them both. As a first time commenter, we have to approve you on the site. That’s why you didn’t see your first comment right away:) Hope all is well for you. We are having a great time. Hope your holidays are all you want them to be. By the way thanks for the wine opener… You may want to count your fine china place settings.

    Kim and Chris

  5. admin says:

    Hi Mom,

    You too make me laugh… Actually we have been able to get quite quality groceries. We try and stop at Walmart when we can and they have really good produce and yes… bread that is brown. I have been getting an organic 12 grain and honey grain from them that is very good. They also have the mixed green organic clam shell salad greens… go figure. Not sure if that will always be the case but so far we have been doing pretty good. It sounds like the northeast is getting hammered with snow. Drive safe, stay warm, and enjoy the pretty views from your deck. We haven’t gotten any Christmas decorations, as I never found what I wanted. We plan on it being a pretty low key holiday this year. We may try to go out for dinner. The side of the park we will be staying later this week has some choices.

    Love to you and Chris,

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