Day 5/6 at Big Bend National Park, Texas

Day 5 was a travel day if you can call it that.  We packed up and moved about 60 miles to the other side of the park.  For those of you fighting the weather… sorry, it was sunny and reached 80 degrees in the valley where our new temporary home is.  We are staying in the Study Butte/Terlingua area just outside the west entrance and not too far from the Big Bend Ranch State Park, which we plan on checking out on Christmas day.  Once settled we explored the local flair and found a great place to relax and enjoy the sunset views called the Terlingua Ghost Town Trading Post.  Our day ended at another interesting place, La Kiva (the cave), where we had some dinner.

Day 6, today, was sunny and 70’s.  We can get used to this.  I can’t remember the last Christmas Eve that I wore a tank top and climbed a mountain.  Today we rode into the park on the bikes once again.  We finally did our first real hike.  The Lost Mine Trail is about 5 miles round trip.  The views were incredible and we got some great shots.  After our hike we treated ourselves to a pint of ice cream in the Chisos Basin.  We headed home and decided to stop in Terlingua Ghost Town to see what was happening on Christmas Eve.  We happened upon a few fellow riders and got an invite to their home base.  Chris may have some friends to ride with after all… 

 We hope everyone is having as great of a Christmas Eve as we are.

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  1. David Moffitt says:

    The Lost Mine Trail is one of my favorites in Big Bend. Nice pics!

    The Airstream and I made it back to San Antonio on Tuesday after spending Monday night at Balmoreah State Park. The swimming pool there is huge! (a bit too chilly for me to give it a try this trip.)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Dave,

    Merry Christmas! Glad you made it home safe. Thanks for all of your suggestions and information about Big Bend and the surrounding area. I would agree about Lost Mine being a great hike. Thanks on the pics, we liked so many we had to post them all… I think we are going to check out Balmoreah, Fort Davis , and the McDonald Observatory on our way to New Mexico. I’ll let you know if I brave the water. Have a Happy Holiday.

    Kim and Chris

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