Happy New Year!!!

Where is Gary?

Where is Gary?

New Years Day started a little slow for some. We headed out to find some breakfast at about 10:30. To our dismay, the traditional cabbage and corn bread at the Pizza Shop (don’t ask) wasn’t ready yet… So we went to plan “B” and headed to the coffee house in Terlingua Ghost Town. It was a beautiful morning and we enjoyed some breakfast sandwiches and coffee on the patio.

The Red Bling Club, not to be confused with the Red Hat Club!

The Red Bling Club, not to be confused with the Red Hat Club!

The ladies jazzed it up with some Terlingua “bling” compliments of Polly.

White rock formations in Big Bend Ranch State Park

Ash flow formations in Big Bend Ranch State Park

Kim and Chris headed off to Presidio on the motorcycles, a town on the other side of Big Bend Ranch SP.  The weather was perfect.  Along the way we stopped to take advantage of a few photo opportunities.  It’s amazing how many different types of rock formations there are in this area. 
Chris finding some New Year energy...

Chris finding some New Year energy...






View of Madera Canyon from the Big Hill.

View of Madera Canyon from the Big Hill.

We stopped at the top of the “Big Hill” to enjoy the views and bumped into some fellow motorcycle riders we had met a few days back. They too were enjoying the view, and following through with an annual tradition of riding to the peak every New Years Day.  

El Patio, Yum!

El Patio, Yum!

We recieved many reccomendations for El Patio, a Mexican restaurant in Presidio.  Glad we checked it out, as the food was great.  We tried a little of everything and ordered way too much.  After dunch or linner (lunch and dinner, we ate at 3:00) we had hoped to stock up on some supplies.  Unfortunately, the one grocery store in town was closed for the holiday. However after the meal today, we will probably not have to eat for a few days. 

Not Again...

Not Again...

We left Presidio a little later than planned but hoped to catch the sunset on the “Big Hill” as a consolation.  As luck would have it, Chris got another flat.  Bummer yes, but he fixed it in record time and we were again on our way.  The trip home was a little slow, and a little dark, but another good day overall.

6 Responses to “Happy New Year!!!”

  1. Debbie says:

    Happy New Year!
    We’re back from Mississippi where we had a great time with Kris and family. The weather was incredibly warm 75-80 most days but with fog that wouldn’t quit. It was so much fun to see Aaron open his presents Christmas morning! Have fun on your travels in 2009!! 🙂

  2. admin says:

    Hey Deb,

    Happy New Year!!! So glad you had a great time with the family. The weather sounds like it was great!!! Don’t work too hard and keep in touch.


  3. mike says:

    Happy New Year! We missed you both, The flowers you sent were beautiful. talk to you soon .

  4. Elzi says:

    Hey there. Seeing you electronically now that I’ve left ‘home’ and back in city/rain/overcrowded/too fast and busy/well-you-know-how-it-is. 🙂
    I’ll post a photo of your bikes on top “The Big Hill” in the next week when I have time. And, yes, El Patio is a very good place to eat! Especially after a run on Pinto Canyon Road!

    It was great to meet you two and I hope we meet again. Let me know if you get up in the Fort Worth area; you have a guaranteed place to park/crash/do laundry.


  5. admin says:

    Hey Mike,

    Happy New Year! Hope your visit was good and your travels were safe!

  6. admin says:

    Hey Elzi,

    So glad you checked in… We really enjoyed meeting you guys. Sorry we didn’t make it back, as you can see our day ended with a flat and we were pretty tired at that point. You were right… The tostadas were the best. Same goes for you if you are ever in western NY, we’ll be back by next fall. So sorry you are back to the grind… Better days ahead.


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