Almost there…..

Hmmm, where am I going to put all my stuff?????

Hmmm, where am I going to put all my stuff?????

Well, the time is fast approaching when we will be pulling out to start our adventure.  Each day the reality of compacting a 2000 square foot house into a 35 foot fifth wheel becomes more real.  As each of the services are turned off I am reminded that a simpler time is ahead.  First it was the newspaper, but we figured out quickly that it is easily accessible online.  Next the phone and internet… Thank goodness for a wireless world.  Yesterday it was the cable, much to my father’s chagrin, as he will be visiting this weekend and who is a self professed sports junkie.  Next Friday will be the water and garbage, wow did we forget anything? 


Although the idea for this trip has been long coming, it was always an anticipated way of life in retirement… Sometimes you just have to take advantage of what life deals you.  The planets have aligned, the contracts are signed, and goodbyes are under way.  


We are looking forward to sharing some stories, pictures, and travel destinations that top our list.  Hopefully you will communicate through our blog(s) or you can email each of us at or


Can’t wait to hear from you…


And for those of you who said you were going to visit us on the road… well talk is cheaper than travel so pay upJ




A special hello to Mrs. Wolgast’s class  


I’m looking forward to hearing from you with stories of your successful school year and questions about the trip.  

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  1. Randall says:


    So you are finally rolling, and I am in Toronto wishing we rode to the ‘Dacks the week after you left frontier. Glad you two are having fun. Mammoth cave is really cool, especially when they turn out the lights and you experience complete darkness…..kinda freaky. Keep up the blogging so we can all live vicariously through you two!


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