Moving on, North to Fort Davis

We arrived in Fort Davis in the early afternoon after fighting some crazy winds on the 118 out of Terlingua  (It’s a twister Aunty Em).  We had some lunch at our new campsite then set off to our first destination, Luz de Estrella winery.  When we arrived it was closed, the sign reading “left at 2:30 today, see you tomorrow”.  No problem we decided to head into Alpine, get some supplies, and visit the Edelweiss Brewery for dinner.  Not gonna happen… They too were closed.  We tucked our tail between our legs and headed home.  We found a great little restauraunt in Fort Davis and ordered pizza and salad take out for dinner. 
107 inch telescope at McDonald Observatory.

107 inch telescope at McDonald Observatory.

The next day we decided to check out the McDonald Observatory, one of the leading astronomy research sites in the world.  The tour was very informative and we were able to actually get in to see the 107 inch telescope and the HET.  Our guide, Kevin, did a great job and we enjoyed the solar viewing opportunites.

Who knew mud flaps were so important....

Who knew mud flaps were so important....

All right, take two on the winery. From the observatory we headed to Marfa once again to check out the winery. We were very curious, as the only wines carried in Big Bend National Park were those from this winery. OK… so we are cruising down the road, minding our own business when we see a police car coming in the opposite direction. We notice he is turning around and comment that he must be after someone in front of us. NOT! He pulled us over, which was very perplexing as we hadn’t even been doing the speed limit. He approached the truck from Kim’s side and inquired about us not having mud flaps. When informed it was illegal to have a dual wheel truck without mud flaps, Kim immediately responded with “you’ve got to be kidding me, that can’t be right”. Probably not the best idea to question a law enforcement official, but he did let us go with a warning. To top it all off… the darn winery was closed again. 

Edelweiss Brewpub in Alpine, TX.

Edelweiss Brewpub in Alpine, TX.

After that adventure, we finally made it to the Brewpub for dinner.  The beers were very good, the company was fun, and dinner was enjoyable.  Believe it or not, the owner (husband) of the winery was sitting at the end of the bar.  He mentioned that if we complained enough, his wife would have showed up with a case… Unfortunately I never saw her and do not plan on going for strike 3. 

We head out for Carlsbad Cavern National Park in New Mexico tomorrow. Seems like we have been in Texas forever, but it was time well spent.

6 Responses to “Moving on, North to Fort Davis”

  1. AJ says:

    Hey Kim and Chris!!!!

    So…did you get mud flaps? By the way, great picture of the police car! It has been fun checking in on you guys. You definitely know how to enjoy yourselves. You both look so happy!

    Take care!

  2. admin says:

    Hi AJ,

    So good to hear from you. We hope you and the crew had a great holiday. No… we didn’t get mud flaps, we just left the state. We just arrived in Carlsbad New Mexico today. Looking forward to checking out the caverns. We are really enjoying ourselves, glad it shows.

    Hope to hear from you again!
    Wish you the best,
    Kim and Chris

  3. Brianna Ross says:

    I was wondering where you took this photo. Who took it and I wanted to know if you could type up a list of all of your family that went on this once in a life time journey. Please E-Mail me back.

    Your greatest fan,
    Brianna Ross

  4. admin says:

    Hi Brianna,

    The picture of the telescope was taken at the McDonald Observatory just outside of Fort Davis Texas. It is just my husband Chris and I on the trip. Chris was the one who took that picture. It’s nice to know we have a fan. My mom might fight you for the greatest fan spot though:)

    By the way you also asked about where the pictures were taken at Ernst Tinaja… They were in Big Bend National Park.

    Thanks for your interest!!!

  5. June says:

    Glad you got out of Texas safely. Did you get to see the Marfa lights? I’m thinking not, but thought I would ask.
    Where are you staying in Carlsbad? You will enjoy the caverns, John has a favorite formation there, I’ll bet Chris will too.

    Yesterday was in the 80’s with little wind, we had a pot luck with a 13lb. whole beef loin smoked lighty and med rare. Oh my gosh was it great.
    Today (actually through the night) it is again windy. 9:27 and I am still in my robe…feels pretty good.

    Take, love ya

  6. admin says:

    Hi June,

    We did not see the Marfa lights… We are staying at Carlsbad RV Park and Campground. We are heading to the caverns to do the self guided tours today. We also plan on taking one of the more strenuous guided tours on Monday. It was warm here yesterday too (70’s) but very windy all day.

    Your pot luck sounds like it was great. Sorry we missed it. Say hi to all:)

    Right Back at ya,

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