Carlsbad Caverns again…Lower cave this time

Hall of Giants in the Big Room at Carlsbad Caverns

Hall of Giants in the Big Room at Carlsbad Caverns

We started our day with the plan of purchasing tickets for the lower cave tour at Carlsbad for tomorrow.  As it turns out, tomorrow was sold out but there was room on today’s tour.  Looks like we’ll have to hit Guadalupe Mountains National Park tomorrow.  As we were not prepared for caving, we ran back to the camper (35 minute drive) to get gloves and batteries.  We made it back in plenty of time to go back down the Natural Entance and do another loop in the Big Room.  Well worth the walk once again.  In the Big Room, we captured this image of the Hall of Giants, which we didn’t do justice to on Saturday. 

The lower cave tour was worth the $20 per person.  It was very cool to be in places that few people are able to see.  Kim did very well with her claustraphobia except for one small room where we all turned our lights out.  After a few mumbled comments by Kim (implying her discomfort) the guide got the message and all lights went back on.    The tour started and ended with a short rope and ladder section.  There were a few tight spots along the way.  There was one area that was an optional crawl… Kim passed and Chris enjoyed this section quite a bit.  Although the lower cave was interesting and different, the self guided tours offerered the most majestic and impressive scenes in the caverns.


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  1. Joshua Ramos says:

    That looks like fun and and it’s cool, is it like a maze?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Joshua,

    It was very cool. I am a little claustrophobic so I was a little nervous at first.

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