Welcome to Arizona

Timer shot from our morning hike on the Guindani Trail

Timer shot from our morning hike on the Guindani Trail.

We headed for Arizona on Sunday the 18th. Our original plan was to go straight to Patagonia Lake State Park. On the way Kim called to check for site availability. Poor planning on our part, Martin Luther King day was Monday and with the long weekend the park was full. No problem, plan B, we stopped at Kartchner Caverns State Park, which was on the way. We made the most of our day there. Chris took care of a few items on the honey do list and Kim did some reading up for future planning. We met Anne and Bill Zeller, the camp hosts who were more than friendly. They suggested we take the Guindani Trail before we leave if we had the time. We decided to leave the next day, as we were looking forward to the Lake and using the kayaks. We did however do the hike before we left and it was a perfect start to the day. Good exercise and nice views.

Campsite at Patagonia Lake State Park

Campsite at Patagonia Lake State Park

We got the last hookup campsite at lake Patagonia which required some careful mauvering by Chris, as it was on quite a hill. We were psyched at the prospect of having a campfire at last! 


Jim and Ted
Jim and Ted

Our first night at Patagonia State Park proved to be very interesting.  We met Jim and his dog Ted (a black lab).  Jim hailed from Ontario Canada and was traveling and hunting quail, a new hobby for him.  We chatted for a while and decided to have dinner together.  He was more than happy to share the three quail he had caught that day.  We had a good meal, good conversation, and too much fun around the campfire.

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  1. lindsay says:

    oh my god! after that hole thing in or rather almost in mexico i would never go back!!! well i really dont want to go anyway…oh well. So what were you eating with your mew friend? it looks fuzzy and cute i dont think i would eat it EVER!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Lindsay,

    Yes, they were fuzzy and cute… The are quail, a type of bird that are very yummy. I agree seeing them first was a little wierd.

    Lov ya,

  3. Brianna Ross says:

    That is the cutest dog in the world!

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