Patagonia Lake State Park

Wednesday the 21st we decided to take advantage of our location since the weather was supposed to go sour. We tried the kayaks out on the lake and enjoyed trying to capture the water foul and wildlife in pictures.  The sky was incredible (the calm before the storm), which added to the whole experience.  We took off on the motorcycles later in the day and happened upon a great dirt road loop through the Coronado National Forest.  We looped from the town of Patagonia to Nogales.  Shortly into the national forest, both Kim and Chris heard terrible noises and immediately had horrible thoughts. Chris thought his bike was about to explode, Kim was worried about getting run over by a speeding truck behind her. It turned out to be two low flying military jets that flew directly overhead. There were also lots of Border Patrol Agents in the park since we are very close to the Mexican border.  The main dirt road was manageable for Kim but Chris was drooling over the less maintained side roads and the possibilities…  Unfortunately the weather caught up to us near the end of our ride and we rode part of the way back to camp in the rain.  At least it was warm and we were off the dirt!  This was the first inclement weather we have seen since we left Lake Livingston Texas in the beginning of December. 

Mexico, NOT!

Mexico, NOT!

On Thursday we decided we would head into Mexico for a few hours since it was rainy and gray.  Not the best choice… We were seriously interrogated by the US border patrol on our way in, the traffic was crazy, and the truck was too big for the crowded streets of Nogales.  We decided to leave right away.  Crossing back into the US was eventful.  First, another truck hit our side view mirror, then there was the begging, and finally the hour long wait to squeeze through the border checkpoint with only inches to spare.  Time to head home and play Wii. 

Moving on to Gilbert Ray state Park tomorrow.

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  1. The Mommie Unit says:

    Curious could you elaborate on the ” seriously interrogated by the US border patrol on our way in” you both don’t exactly look like terrorist or drug smugglers. I am guessing it was the sotol sticks I knew they were hallucinagenic!!!!!

    Next time you go to Mexico (if ever) it might not be a bad idea to check your bio rythms and horoscopes for the day, consult a psychic, do a little dowsing and two novinas before you leave the country.

    What happenned with your mirror is it fixed did the people who hit it have insurance? Any photos of the boo boo? (Mother questions)

    All & all I guess you have to look at the bright side of things at least you weren’t robbed or mugged and there is always Wii

    Much Love & Hugs

  2. The Nichols says:

    Serious interrogation…. we’re not talking rubber gloves and KY are we????

  3. admin says:

    Thank goodness it wasn’t THAT serious:)

    It was wierd… They asked a lot of questions about the size of our truck… how much money we had with us… how far we had traveled… how long it took us… I think they may have thought we were running drugs… Anyway the truck was way too big for the town and the town was rather depressed. The other car just tapped the mirror- no damage. It was very tight at the border crossing. We decided we could spend the extra $$ on booze and forgo the duty free. We made it out fine and with a lame story… Hanging in the camper with the Wii was way more our style

  4. Grant says:

    Blanca and I drove to Nogales once in a rented Mustang, not such a good idea. We got a few sideways glances then decided to turn around and head for the good ole US again! We waited in line at the border for at least an hour after spending just minutes in Mexico. The border agents didn’t seem to believe our story. They were polite and searched the vehicle very well, under the spare tire, passenger airbag cover, under the floormats, stuff like that. Another lame Nogales experience with no Wii!
    What were the jets anyway? F22’s or F16’s maybe?

  5. admin says:

    Hey Grant! Glad to hear we are not the only ones who chickened out in Nogales. No clue what the planes were…only know they were low, fast and loud!

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