Tucson, Mt. Lemmon

We arrived at Gilbert Ray Campground, just outside of the Saguaro National Park, on Friday afternoon.  After driving in the rain from Patagonia SP, we were happy the clouds gave way to some sun while we set up.  We were very happy with the views from our campsite.  As we sat contimplating what we would do that evening we watched the clouds and rain return.  To our viewing pleasure the result was a great rainbow (almost a double).  As rain was the forcast for the rest of the evening, we headed out for a night at the local casino for a little gambling and dinner.  We will be keeping our day jobs, as the jackpot was nowhere in sight.  Better luck next time.

Our first day adventures included a motorcycle ride around the area.  We weren’t exactly sure where we were headed but wound up on the Sky Island Scenic Byway heading up Mt. Lemmon.  Mt. Lemmon is the highest peak in the Catalina Mountains, a range in the Coronado National Forest.  The ride up Mt. Lemmon was filled with twists, turns, and views.   The eleveation ranged from 4,370 feet at the bottom to 8,000 feet at the top.  It was interesting to go from desert and cactus to fir trees and snow in a 26 mile span.

Road up Mt. Lemmon.

Road up Mt. Lemmon.

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  1. The Mommie Unit says:

    I quote from your blog:

    “It was interesting to go from desert and cactus to fur trees and snow in a 26 mile span.”

    Wow they have trees with fur instead of leaves in Arizona are they carnivorous? Did you take any pictures of them?

    Love & Hugs
    Mom & Chris

  2. admin says:

    Hi Mom,

    Thanks for the edit.

    Love ya

  3. MIKE AND PATTY says:


  4. Brianna Ross says:

    Hi Kim,
    I was wondering how fun it was to go up Mt. Lemmon. How did you get up there? Did you go rock climbing? Write back soon.

    Brianna Ross

  5. admin says:

    Hi Patty and Mike,

    Hope all is well back home and that you are staying warm. Yes, Chris is quite grey. He is also going for the hippy look, check out the length. He wants to go for the beard, but I have tp draw the line somewhere. Miss you guys…

  6. admin says:

    Hi Brianna,

    We took our motorcycles up Mt. Lemmon. We did some climbing on the rocks but we are not rock climbers like the ones you see with the ropes. It was very fun because the road had lots of turns and the views were very pretty.


  7. Hi Kim,
    how much fun was it going kayaking at Patagonia lake park. My favorite thing in the summer is kayaking in the summer.

  8. Brianna Ross says:

    I have a very funny story about my mom and a motorcycles. When my mom and my dad still had their cycles my dad was going 150 mph and my moms helmet was too loose and it started to cholk. So when my mom started to bang on my dads back he thought she was having a good time. when they stopped my mom started to scream at my dad. But of coarse I wasn’t born yet.Write back soon.

    Brianna Ross

  9. admin says:

    Hi Mackenzie,

    I really enjoy kayaking too. Patagonia was very pretty and calm so the paddling was easy. I hope you get to do lots of kayaking next summer!

  10. admin says:

    Hi Brianna,

    You made Chris and I laugh. That’s why I like having my own motorcycle!That’s pretty fast… we don’t go that fast. We enjoy looking around at the scenery too much.

  11. MIKE AND PATTY says:


  12. admin says:

    Hey Mike and Patty,

    We are doing well, thanks. Haven’t had service since the 30th so couldn’t say hi back. We keep hearing about the snow… Looks like we are missing a great snowmobiling year!

    Hope you guys are doing well,
    Kim and Chris

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