I Speak for the Trees… Joshua Trees that is

Joshua Tree at sunrise.

Joshua Tree at sunrise.

Our stay in Joshua Tree National Park has been quite enjoyable.  The stands of Joshua Trees brought back memories of “The Lorax”, one of Kim’s favorite Dr. Seuss books.  There were several other interesting sights like the Teddy Bear Cholla cactus (pronounced choy-a), the Ocotillo shrubs, rock formations, and Fan Palm oases.  We took another long hike in the desert to check out the largest stand of Fan Palms in the park called “Lost Palm Oasis”.  After a roundtrip of 7.2 miles in the desert sun, we know why it was lost… 

Not far from Joshua Tree NP lies the Salton Sea.   We took a day trip on the motorcycles to check it out.  The Salton Sea is California’s largest lake.  It is a popular camping, birding, and fishing location.  

On Wednesday, we headed to uncle Gary’s.  Looking forward to our visit and stay in Palm Springs.

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  1. Bruce Osborne says:

    Hi Kim and Chris
    I did find your campsite and stopped by, but you both were on your ride to the Salton Sea that day. Sorry I missed you. It was great to meet up with you guys, you are both an inspiration to me. Taking a year off is what I wanted to do, but it changed to 6 months off, now its 3 months off. Oh well at least its a break in the rat race. I did do your hike to the lost Palms, your right after that hike you wonder how in the heck someone found them in the first place! Great hike thou. Hope to see you guys on the road again somewhere.
    Take care and happy trails.
    “DaMoose” on the Adventure site.
    Currently at a state camp ground along the Salton Sea; Sunday will be at “The Slabs”

    • admin says:

      Hi Bruce,

      We stopped by your site on our way out to the Salton Sea… Sorry we missed each other, it would have been fun to share some stories. Glad we are an inspiration and hope you make the most of your 3 months. You never know… our paths may cross again, keep us posted on your whereabouts.

      Stay well and happy trails to you…
      Kim and Chris

  2. Amy Hogle says:

    Hi Kim!

    Just wanted to say hello! The picture you have on your website are great! You are seeing the coolest stuff. I wanted you to know that I show Owen the site periodically and he gets so excited when he sees your picture! We love camping and he asks when we will go camping too. 🙂 Wishing you and your husband the absolute best Kim!

    • admin says:

      Hi Amy,

      Good to hear from you. I’m glad you and Owen are enjoying following our trip. I hear he is doing great!!! I am so happy. Hopefully the weather will break for you soon and you will be able to get out camping again! Wishing you and the family the best…


  3. Jon Schwartz says:


    Going into Death Valley? There was a completely non-tourist ghost town called Rhyolite, near Painted Desert. House made of coke bottles and a very strange dude selling things he uncovered in the dirt, like bodies.
    If you can be in San Diego around April check out the desert blooming, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Lasts only a few days a year, it is amazing!

  4. Brian & Diane says:

    Hi Kim and Chris,

    You guys are killing me. What an awesome trip you must be having. I love the “campsite” on Joshua Tree.

    My brother just traded in his 5th Wheel and got a 36′ Motorhome. It was a leftover 2007 and he got it for a steel (they’ll do anything to sell these things now). Picked it up on Monday and headed for Daytona Thursday. They would have loved to follow you guys across the US I’m sure.

    Anyway, keep having fun and I hope the worms on Chris’ wood don’t get any worse (I LOL at that picture/caption).

    • admin says:

      Hi Brian and Diane,

      The Joshua Tree campsite has been our favorite so far although each place has its own charm. I hope your brother enjoys his purchase as much as we are enjoying ours. Glad we are amusing you… Hope all is well for you guys!!

  5. lindsay says:

    hey guys

    hows it going? Are you pumped to go to hawie (spelled wrong) on wednesday? Oh guess what i got to show everyone your web page in spanish class because you had that silver citty thing on it and it was in are notes and i was like wate a minet i have seen this befor!!! They all thought it was really cool and i was so happy to show them and tell them all about you and the times we have. my spanish teacher i think liked it most of all because she keeped saying how amazing that would be to do something like that. Well i miss you guys and keep sending my funny pics of you it puts a smile on my face and who dosen’t love to see silly pics of there favoret people?!?!
    Lindsay Brooke <3

    • admin says:

      Hey Lindsay,

      We are psyched for Hawaii!!! I have always wanted to visit there. That is so cool that you were able to share the website with your class. I’m glad they all enjoyed it. We miss you too and I will try to send funny pics of us to one of our favorite people as often as I remember (old age). We love you and miss you.

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