Last day in Waikiki

We enjoyed our stay in Waikiki.  Although the hotel wasn’t fancy, we were happy with it. We usually do not spend much time in the hotel room , so (for us) it’s all about location, location, location… It was half a block from the beach, a few miles from Diamond Head, and close to all of the tourist action (and cheap!).

Our boat is the one on the right.

Our boat is the one on the right.

We wanted to see all of the Hawiian islands, but it was logistically difficult to do it on our own. We figured the most economical way to do it was to do a cruise, so we packed up for the next leg of our journey. We wanted to get to the port early, even though the boat didn’t leave till 8 pm.. Hey it’s paid for! We spent the afternoon getting aquainted with the ship, taking silly pictures, and enjoying the views from the harbor. 


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  1. The Mommie Unit says:


    Chris & I are still on the planet. I haven’t had a minute to write but I have been following your antics. I have been very busy getting the Taxes ready for the accountant real fun stuff! I was happy to see you are making new friends although they do look a little stiff and serious not at all like the other people you have been meeting on the road.

    Miss you both!

    Stay Well & Happy!

    Love & Hugs
    Mom & Chris says hi too Yadda Yadda Yadda

    • admin says:

      Actually, our new friends represent most of the population on the cruise:) We have met one really nice couple from Minn. who we chat with at happy hour. Hope all is well with the taxes:)

      Love ya!

  2. Jon Schwartz says:

    If you make it to Kauia, go to a bar called Tahiti Nui in the town of Hanalei on the Northeast side on the way to the NaPali Cliffs. They do a Lauai (spelled something like that) which is put on by the townspeople, totally non touristy. Bar is 100% bamboo, even the glasses and silverware. And if you can go hike the Na Pali Cliffs. In Maui, go to the top of Haleakila the Volcano mountain, and go on a hike into the interior of the park. Most people don’t venture past the Visitor’s center. They did moon training there, once the Visitor’s Center is out of site, you swear you left the planet. Active steam vents… bleu cheese!

    Are you going to be on the West Coast in April. I am going out from LA to Seattle to visit colleges with my daughter. Keep in touch!


    • admin says:

      Hey Jon,
      We will be spending a few days in Kauai after the cruise is over, so we will be looking onto your suggestions then. We had planned on doing the Na Pali Coast, and we are always open to suggestions for new bars 🙂 That Lua sounds like a definate possibility, we have not done one yet because they always seem so touristy.

      We are going to be back on the west coast, but not till late May. In April we will probably be in Southern Utah…but we are making this up as we go, so who knows.

      Thanks for the suggestions,

  3. Josh says:

    Hi Kim and Chris,

    honestly i don’t know what to say except for the fact that i feel kinda lame as this is the first time i am writing anything on your site. it looks like you guys are have such a wonderful time and wow am i jealous. I want to come if i say so my self haha! I hope your having great time and i hope i can come out and see you guys sometime soon.


    • admin says:

      Hey Josh,

      Better late than never. Don’t be jealous, just get a job so you can do this too one day! We hope you can come out at some point too. Love and miss you!

  4. lindsay says:

    hey guys,
    the photos you and chris took with your “new friends” are great! And I am soo soooooooo jealous that you guys are on a cruz i have always wanted to go on one. Icant wate to come out and see you guys and i can be on the website too!


  5. June says:

    Oh my gosh, all of the Hawaii pics are breathtaking, on the edge, and all about the two of you.

    Kim, love your lifeguard friend; and I know Chris has his arm around your waist, you blond little cutie. Looking good Babe!

    I keep trying to win the lottery so John and I can expand our travels.

    Love you two and are so happy for you, what an adventure. We will be heading out of Terlingua around the end of March. Temps have been in the high 80’s to 98 degrees. The later being to HOT for me.


    • admin says:


      Looks like you are catching up with our travels… Hawaii was great, very interesting state. We had fun with those statues. Wow, sounds like it is getting HOT in Terlingua! I hope you guys are enjoying your new digs (50 amp). Good luck with the lottery. If you win real big maybe you can take us with you so we don’t have to go back to work. I hope John’s knees are doing better and that you have stopped itching:). Please say hello to the gang. Hope to catch up with you guys again one of these days.


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