First stop on our cruise was Maui.  When we have cruised in the past, the ports have always offered many local activities right off the boat.  Not so much here…  When we arrived we had no plans, and there was nothing where we debarked.  The first day therefore, was a little sketchy. We wanted to find something to do without the whole tourist/tour thing.  We couldn’t find a rental car but after hoofing it a few miles and several  phone calls, we found the local Harley dealership, which had  one last rental available for the next day. We were psyched, as we had never been on a Harley and really wanted to get around the island. 

For the remainder of the day, We decided to hoof it to the beach.  We lucked out as the waves were rockin’ and there were about 100 kiteboarders out playing in the surf. We had a great afternoon urban hiking and watching the kite boarders.   

The second day on Maui we rode our chariot up to Haleakala National Park and checked out the crater at 10,00 feet. It got a bit chilly, as you can see by our attire in the picture below, but we made it.  After the volcano we decided to ride around the island and check out the other “areas of interest”. We started to take the road to Hana but the threatening skies turned us back.  We headed to the other side of the island, It’s amazing how different the weather can be. We enjoyed a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream for lunch in Lahaina then took the round about route back to the boat.  The views were incredible, as the road disappeared around 5 MPH corners.  Our two lane road turned into a one lane without much warning.  Chris did a great job of handling the Harley through the blind turns.  We were a little nervous about making it back to the boat on time, as the road got crazier and our speeds decreased.  We made it back to the boat with 20 minutes to spare and a good day was logged in.  We were happy to get away from the crowds and see the true beauty of Maui.

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  1. The Nichols says:

    So Chris, after a day riding on a cruiser are you sold? I’m just getting ready to set mine up and get it ready for the summer. Wish you were here to help me out with the brakes. (Not that I’m wishing your trip away). Hopefuly by the time you get back I will be driving mine on something other than a learners permit!

    • admin says:

      Hey Scoot,

      Not sold on the cruiser thing. This bike had floorboards, which made it very wide. Don’t know how normal sized people feel comfortable on these things. You have to lift your feet to find the brake/shifter…weird. We got a differant type of Harley yesterday on the Big Island which was better.


  2. The Mommie Unit says:

    Hey Guys,

    What up with this billboard photo? I am trying to make out what that person in the Haleakala National Park billboard is doing it looks like an ancient sacrifical ritual. Are they jumping off the cliff or kiteboarding?

    On another note Maui looks amazing. I am surpised you guys didn’t go kiteboarding looks like a lot of fun I would love to do that!!


  3. mike says:

    Chris and Kim Maui looks amazing! you could have Cold Stone home, listen to you Mother (Hi kims Mom) and go kiteboarding while you are in the surfing capitol of the world! I will be looking for the shots from your kiteboarding leson.

    • admin says:

      Hi Mike,

      The Cold Stone was our lunch… Need sustenance to keep going. As far as the kiteboarding…not only are we most likely too old, those guys were amazing and we would have embarrased ourselves (that is if we lived through it). They were soaring 30-40 feet in the air and doing flips. It was quite impressive. We plan on doing some boogie boarding and snorkeling which are more our speed. DOn’t want to come home early because we broke ourselves.

      Love ya,

      Kim and Chris

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